Practice Report: 4/1

It was a sunny, cool day in South Bend on Wednesday, but it was windy enough to force Notre Dame inside for its eighth day of spring practice. The Irish dressed in full pads and the media was allowed in for the first 20 minutes.

The list of players not suited up in full gear included George West, Taylor Dever, Trevor Robinson, Anthony McDonald, Darius Fleming, E.J. Banks and Kerry Neal.

Michael Floyd, Duval Kamara, Mike Anello, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Matt Romine and Dan Wenger were not at practice during the media portion.

As the team stretched, there was the usual back-and-forth between the front line of offense and the first line of defense. Special teams coordinator Brian Polian stopped by to talk to Darrin Walls. The discussion seemed to be about returning kickoffs.

After stretching the defense broke into its pursuit drill, but today the focus was goal line. The first unit of goal line defense featured Sergio Brown, Harrison Smith, Kyle McCarthy, Toryan Smith, Brian Smith, Scott Smith, Steve Filer, Emeka Nwankwo, Ian Williams, Hafis Williams and Ethan Johnson.

Jon Tenuta gave the first unit instructions, saying, "We're going to knock people back."

Hafis Williams looks to be in much better shape than he was at the start of spring practice.

Tyler Stockton ran with the second unit and his motor is on display during every rep. Also running with the second group were Zeke Motta, Dan McCarthy, Brandon Newman and John Ryan.

With Lewis-Moore's absence, Ryan had to hustle back from the second goal line unit to jump in with the first base defense on consecutive snaps.

The running backs worked on their footwork and new coach Tony Alford always stresses ball security and finishing every drill strong. Alford got on Jonas Gray during one of the footwork drills.

"C'mon on Jonas it's like you're dancing in the club, which you probably don't do," Alford said. "It's hard to watch you."

Then Alford asked Gray if he had a girlfriend at school before saying, "I hope so because you're not going to get one doing that."

Michael Golic, Jr. filled in for Wenger at center with the offensive linemen. Golic looks to have added as much weight as anybody on the team during the offseason. Frank Verducci had his group working on goal line blocking techniques that focused on each player getting low to the ground. Top Stories