Notre Dame Moves Up With Nix

Louis Nix is proud that his football talents are going to give him opportunities he didn't even dream about as a high school freshman.

"In ninth grade, I thought football was football," Louis Nix said. "It wasn't going to get me anywhere."

Thanks to football, the 6-foot-4, 320-pound defensive tackle from William M. Raines High in Jacksonville, Fla., will have no college debt, as programs like Miami, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Michigan and Tennessee have offered him full-rides.

With all that being said, the four-star Nix got another offer Thursday, that made him proud for another reason.

Nix admittedly didn't hit the books like he should've early on in high school, and has since rallied in the classroom. Notre Dame patiently recruited Nix, with assistant coach Tony Alford keeping in touch, and now that he has his academics up to par, Charlie Weis was able to offer him a scholarship.

"He said he saw my film, and he said he thought I'm the type of guy that could play for Notre Dame," Nix said.

"He said he heard about how I might consider something in physics in college, and that I've been trying to do my work and improve my grades, and that I don't B.S. about it, and he likes those kind of kids."

Nix definitely likes Notre Dame.

A soft verbal commit to Miami since last November, Nix is also considering Florida, Florida State, LSU and the Irish.

"Notre Dame has went higher on the list," Nix said. "I would put them at second.

"I'm happy about it. I'm really excited. I never thought Notre Dame, they have a great history, 11 national championships, great academics, so I'm excited about that."

Nix is also excited about seeing the campus for the first time. He was going to try and come to Notre Dame's spring game, but didn't know the date, and is going to Florida's instead.

"I should be coming up there sometime," Nix said. "I don't know when, but I'm trying my hardest to get up there. It might not be for a game, but just to come up there and look around."

Nix isn't sure when he'll make his "final, final decision." Besides speaking with Weis, he also got a chance to catch up with Alford again.

"He was just happy for me." Nix had roughly 50 tackles and 10 sacks last fall, while clogging the middle. "We keep in contact as much as possible. If I'm not too busy, I try and call him and we just talk about how I'm doing and things like that."

One of the reasons why Nix is excited about Miami, is because he thinks that head coach Randy Shannon has the program going in the right direction towards a National Championship. He feels the same way about Weis and Notre Dame.

"I like that," Nix stated. "At Notre Dame, I see they're getting top recruits like the linebacker I'm really fond of, Manti Te'o, I really enjoyed seeing him play in the Under Armour game, so I see everybody is getting great recruits, and they're program is rising above last year. I can't wait to see that in the end."

Perhaps Nix will be a part of it. Top Stories