Practice Report: 4/3

For the second straight session, wind forced Notre Dame inside the Loftus Center. The Irish dressed in uppers for their ninth practice of the spring and the media was allowed inside to view the first 20 minutes.

Wide receivers Michael Floyd, Duval Kamara and John Goodman were back at practice on Friday after being absent during the media portion of Wednesday's session.

Taylor Dever rode the bike while the rest of the team did form running and joined George West, Trevor Robinson, Sean Cwynar, Anthony McDonald, Darius Fleming, Kerry Neal and E.J. Banks on the list of players who did not don shoulder pads.

Kapron Lewis-Moore was not present for the first 20 minutes.

While Floyd and Kamara were back at wide receiver, neither of them nor Deion Walker, who was sporting a bandage on his left leg, looked to be pushing themselves 100 percent during individual drills. All three wideouts went through the drills at half or three-quarters speed.

Frank Verducci had the offensive line hit the sled after going through some warmups. Verducci got animated during Michael Golic Jr.'s rep.

I did not see what Golic did on his first shot at the sled, but Verducci's voice got the attention of just about everybody in the building afterward. Verducci made Golic hit the sled at least three times, although it was not obvious if he was angry or if he was trying to inspire, probably both.

The defense went through its pursuit drill at the conclusion of stretching. The defense put out its Nickel package to start. The first group consisted of Harrison Smith, Kyle McCarthy, Darrin Walls, Robert Blanton, Raeshon McNeil, Toryan Smith, Brian Smith, Morrice Richardson, Ian Williams, Ethan Johnson and John Ryan.

Ray Herring, Dan McCarthy, Jamoris Slaughter, Leonard Gordon, walk-on Nick Lezynski, Zeke Motta, David Posluszny, Steve Filer, Scott Smith, Brandon Newman and Hafis Williams.

When the Irish went to Dollar, Herring subbed in for Ian Williams in the first group.

Harrison Smith's athletic ability is obvious in just about everything he does, even when it is just going through backpedal drills. Smith's return to the secondary in 2009 will undoubtedly ease the pain of losing David Bruton.

Randy Hart put the defensive line through the one versus three drill where one defender has three opponents taking turns coming after him before rotating. Every time I watch Hart, I am amazed by how hard his unit works for him. Not just during the reps either, the defensive linemen run up to the lines when it is their turns and run back to the end of them when their turns end.

Also, I have not spent much time watching the defensive line since the first week of spring, but it is obvious that Bryant Young is becoming much more comfortable in his role as graduate assistant. Young is much more vocal with the players and just seems to have a better understanding of exactly where he fits in. Top Stories