Notre Dame The Latest To Offer Bryant

The Glenville High coaching staff likes to point to success stories like Ted Ginn Jr., Donte Whitner and Troy Smith, when talking to players on the current team about the ways to do things right. But they also like to educate their players on kids that went through the Cleveland area powerhouse, that had the same amount of talent, but didn't make it for whatever reasons.

Head coach Ted Ginn Sr. definitely has Christian Bryant's attention.

"The coaches talk to us about the fact that there has been greater players that have come through Glenville, that have been better than the players that have been successful, and they tell us not to be like them because we'll end up being nothing as well as well."

Bryant plans on being something, whether it's just graduating from one of the many colleges that have already offered him a football scholarship, or getting a chance to play on the next level like Ginn, Whitner and Smith.

Seventeen college programs have offered the 5-foot-10, 175-pound cornerback a scholarship, with the latest one coming from Notre Dame.

The elder Ginn was able to hunt Bryant down at a track meet over the weekend to put him on the phone with Irish head coach Charlie Weis.

"He just told me congratulations, I will have an offer waiting on me from Notre Dame," Bryant recapped.

"He told me as a whole staff, they watched my film and they loved it, and they could really use a defensive back like me."

Plenty of other schools feel the same way. Bryant has racked up full-rides from places like Illinois, Tennessee, West Virginia, Stanford, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

"I'm really just trying to get used to this, and not get a big head, and take it one step at a time because I know Notre Dame has a really good program and produced some really good athletes," Bryant explained. "I'm taking it one step at a time and looking at what colleges offer me the best options."

Bryant talked with Irish assistant coach Brian Polian one other time before his Notre Dame offer came. He plans to keep in regular touch now.

"He just talked to me about how their program is, and how they're looking at me as a recruit.

"(Recruiters) say they like my hitting ability and the way I cover the field and read the quarterbacks eyes, because I broke up a bunch of passes, but I couldn't bring them all in. I had two interceptions for touchdowns."

The only school Bryant has been able to visit thus far is Ohio State for a junior day. His track schedule will likely prevent him from visiting any other campuses this spring. This summer, he hopes to get out and see a lot of places including Notre Dame.

Listening to his parents and coach Ginn harp on the opportunities Glenville can provide if you don't squander them, has definitely kept Bryant on the right track. He currently has a 3.3 GPA.

Bryant doesn't expect to have any college favorites until the summer, and isn't sure what he wants to major in. With that being said, Bryant does have a good idea of what he's going to be looking for in a school.

"The coaching staff and how they interact with their players would be a real big help, and the academics in the classroom, because my parents and coaches always drill me on academics first. I'm just looking for if you get help in the classroom, tutors and everything, and on the football field, the coaches and how the players interact with each other, and the scheme of the defense I could fit in. I really love Tampa Two or Cover Two, because the corner sits and reads the whole offense." Top Stories