The final push

<P>The final month of recruiting is here and the Irish hope they can land some of the top remaining targets on the Notre Dame wish list. Losing Reggie Bush to U.S.C. is a blow but the Irish already have two running backs in this class and other targets they are after. </P>

As I have said earlier, Notre Dame doesn't have a lot of players left on the board. I expect more names to be added to the list soon but I think Notre Dame would like to finish with the players they have left on the board. Let's take a look at where Notre Dame is at right now before they make their final push.



Brady Quinn

The Irish already have Brady Quinn. They won't be recruiting another player here. Notre Dame is very high on Brady Quinn.

Running Back


David Marrero, Travis Thomas, Ashley McConnell

Players still recruiting

Derrick Williams, Brian Dennison, Tashard Choice

Notre Dame already has three great prospects in Marrero, McConnell and Thomas. I think Derrick Williams will be the next guy they go after hard. Notre Dame has spoken to him about visiting but a visit hasn't been set as of yet. Are they too late with Williams? Dennison has been hanging around but I am not sure if he is qualified at this point. Notre Dame has recruited Tashard Choice for a while now but he has yet to be offered and hasn't scheduled a visit. Another name mentioned early was Alan Abrams and he might be revisited as a possible visitor.

Wide Receiver


Chinedum Ndukwe, Jeff Samardzija

Players still recruiting

Mark Bradford, Chase Anastasio

Notre Dame would like to sign at least one wide receiver. Both Ndukwe and Samardzija committed early after Notre Dame camp. I feel good about their potential because the staff had plenty of time during camp to evaluate their talent. Bradford is scheduled for January 17th to visit. Anastasio visited on December 6th. Bradford recently named Notre Dame as his leader but I want to see his reaction to Notre Dame after his visit before we should get excited. Anastasio will visit Stanford and Virginia and should announce shortly after his January 17th visit. Virginia is rumored to be the competition for Chase.

Tight End


John Carlson

Players still recruiting

Greg Olsen

The Irish were very happy with the commitment of John Carlson. Carlson is a very athletic tight end and should give Notre Dame a deep threat down the middle at tight end. Olsen will be announcing very soon after he returns from San Antonio. I will be very surprised if he chooses anyone but Notre Dame. I hope I am right on this because Irish fans need some good new quick.

Offensive Line


Ryan Harris

Players still recruiting

Joe Thomas, John Sullivan, Mike Jones

Harris was a big catch for Notre Dame because he can play left tackle. Miami wanted Harris so he is a quality player. There is very little room for error here. I think Notre Dame would like to land all 4. They look very good with Sullivan and I think they look good for Thomas. Sullivan will visit Notre Dame on January 17th. Thomas just visited unofficially on December 22nd and won't be taking an official visit to Notre Dame because he has been to Notre Dame a number of time. It's hard to really know where they stand with Mike Jones. I hope they land all 4 because these 4 were their top targets since early June. There doesn't appear to be any other names they are recruiting at this point. Maybe a new name will surface.

Defensive Line


Trevor Laws

Players still recruiting

Victor Abiamiri, Emmanuel Awofadeju

Laws was the #1 target for interior defensive line. He should have a great career at Notre Dame. The latest rumors on Abiamiri are that he is leaning to Maryland. Victor has two brothers currently on the Maryland roster. If this is true, that is disappointing because the Irish staff really likes Victor. Can they regain the lead here? With two brothers at Maryland and parents not wanting to have to choose which game to attend, I think this is a bad sign. Awofadeju is a new name but I hear Notre Dame is very impressed with his athletic ability. He hasn't been offered yet but I bet he will be very soon. He cleared Stanford admissions so he should be able to get into Notre Dame as well. Awofadeju is considered in the Justin Tuck mold. Will the Irish also try and open the door with Kyle Caldwell again? Will Matt Malele be a new name that surfaces?



Joe Brockington, Nick Borseti

Players still recruiting

Wesley Jefferson, Mitchell Thomas, Dwight Stephenson, Mark Washington

Brockington and Borseti committed very early. Both players were top targets for this Irish staff but they certainly need at least one more after failing to land a linebacker last year. Two would be really nice. Rumors have it that Jefferson is leaning heavily to Maryland. He still plans to visit Notre Dame on January 17th and they still have a chance to impress Wesley. Mitchell Thomas visited Notre Dame on December 13th. He came away impressed and has listed Notre Dame as his leader. Thomas still has 4 visits to take and it appears he will be visiting southern schools. Even though Notre Dame leads, I don't feel confident about this until he takes a few more trips and still have Notre Dame as his leader. Dwight Stephenson is committed to Florida but has recently decided to take visits. He visited Washington in December and his Dad told me he is very interested in visiting Notre Dame. Look for him to be scheduled on January 17th. Notre Dame was recruiting Mark Washington earlier but they haven't offered him or scheduled a visit as of yet. I expect he will visit Notre Dame as well and probably on the 17th of January.

Defensive Back


Freddie Parish, Isaiah Gardner

Players still recruiting

Tommy Zbikowski, Ambrose Wooden, Ira Guilford, LaBrose Hedgemon

Parish should be a future starting safety for Notre Dame. Gardner is a former tailback and has excellent speed and hips to play corner. I have heard the Irish staff was very impressed with his play at corner this year. Notre Dame is battling Nebraska and Iowa for Zbikowski. He likely won't take more visits but he will wait a bit to decide. I think the Irish will land him. Ambrose Wooden seems like a safe bet but we can't be sure. He will visit Stanford next weekend and then should announce shortly after. Ira Guilford has had Ohio State as his leader for a long time. He is scheduled to visit Notre Dame on January 17th but visits Ohio State next weekend. Will he make it to Notre Dame? I bet he commits to Ohio State on his visit unless they fill up before then. LaBrose Hedgemon is a corner they offered very early. He is scheduled to visit Notre Dame January 17th. Auburn in the main competition here and I think they will be tough to beat.

Notre Dame will like have anywhere from 9-12 slots they can fill with the final list. This should be an interesting race and we have to hope Ty can get into some of these homes and make an impact. Top Stories