ND Pulls Even With Michigan

Right about the time he was supposed to be gathering his things and heading over to the airport, Lo Wood asked his father if he could stay at Notre Dame another day.

"I just had to take it all in and go out with some of the players and just have a good day," Lo Wood said.

Wood ended up having an awesome trip.

The 5-foot-11, 163-pound cornerback from Apopka, Fla., arrived in South Bend on Friday night, and originally thought he had to leave early from the Irish spring game to catch a flight back home. Wood's father still made the plane, but after some quick juggling, he allowed his son to stay back and come home the next day.

"Man, it was awesome up here," Wood said just after he left on Sunday. He rode to the airport with fellow recruit Spencer Boyd. "The atmosphere, when the day came, it was sunshine, no snow or anything, it was great."

So great, that the Irish moved up in Wood's recruiting rankings. Michigan has had a stranglehold on the top spot for awhile, but Notre Dame made a move in the last couple of days, and are now tied with the Wolverines. Georgia Tech rounds out Wood's top three.

"It's just hard to explain," Wood said of why the Irish moved up. "You have to come here for yourself, and see how good it is here. How wonderful the stuff is, it's just impressive, you just have to be here."

It wasn't long after Wood arrived, that he was sitting in head coach Charlie Weis' office.

"It was cool," Wood said. "He was just telling us what kind of person he is, he's a family guy. How he likes to do things, academics, football, his career, it went pretty good."

Wood spent a lot of time with Irish defensive backs coach Corwin Brown.

"Oh that went great," Wood stated. "Coach Brown is an awesome cornerbacks coach. He knows what he's talking about. He played and coached in the NFL. He showed me some video and techniques that really impressed me a lot.

"The thing that impressed me the most was coach Brown. He blew my mind. And how the campus lifestyle was. How the football players live like regular students, you still have a social life and you won't be around football players all the time, you'll have other friends outside of football. The football players were down to earth and cool, and they were just cool to be around."

Wood also thought the spring game was cool to be around.

"Oh that was wonderful," Wood said. "All the fans care about everybody. The people knew who you were at the spring game. It was just great."

This past season, Wood had 35 tackles and five interceptions, with one he returned for a touchdown. He added four tackles for loss, two forced fumbles and fumble recovery in helping Apopka finish 11-3.

Wood is expecting to see Irish assistant coaches Corwin Brown and Bernie Parmalee sometime this spring, and a college decision will come in the next month and a half.

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