Boyd Takes Long Look At Notre Dame

After spending four days on Notre Dame's campus, the Irish coaching staff and environment gave the standout cornerback from Cape Coral (Fla.) High plenty to think about, including committing.

"I thought about it, but I'm not ready to yet," Spencer Boyd said when he left on Sunday. "I'm going to wait it out a little bit, probably after the spring."

No doubt, Notre Dame will still be in Boyd's thoughts then.

This past week, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound Boyd and his father went on a three-college Midwest swing, that took them through Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame. They arrived in South Bend on Thursday, and stayed through Sunday morning.

"It went real good," Boyd said. "Like the campus is the nicest campus I've ever seen. It's a real nice place to be.

"The coaches are great. Coach (Corwin) Brown is a great coach. Seems like he knows a lot and they can take me real far in football. And if I don't make it in football, the great thing about Notre Dame is I can make a lot of money after I graduate.

"There was nothing bad about it."

There was nothing bad about Michigan or Ohio State either.

"I had a good time at Michigan and Ohio State," Boyd said. "The weather wasn't as good as it was at Notre Dame. Notre Dame got lucky with that one. I had a good time at all three of them, but I had a real good time at Notre Dame. And since I spent the most time there, it was probably the best visit."

On Thursday, Boyd and his father met up with Irish assistant coaches Brown and Bernie Parmalee. Then they toured the campus some. On Friday, they saw more of the campus, all the facilities and dorms, met with the academic support staff, and then sat down with head coach Charlie Weis.

Boyd has been keeping in regular touch with Weis, and was glad to finally meet him in person. He also spent a lot of time with Brown and Parmalee.

"It went good," Boyd said. "He was just telling us a lot about how he works his program and stuff like that. We also met with coach Brown in his office, and we looked at some of the stuff he teaches DBs. It was real sophisticated stuff. It was just me, him and my dad, and we watched film and stuff.


"I talked to coach Parmalee, and he's a good guy too. A great guy to talk to."

Both Brown and Parmalee told Boyd they'd be down to visit him this spring.

"I don't want to claim any favorites or say I have a leader just yet, but I have a lot of interest in Notre Dame," Boyd said.

Saturday's Irish spring game was one of the highlights of the trip.

"It was a lot of people," Boyd began. "It was a pretty big thing. We signed some autographs and we're not even committed. That was pretty cool too.

"The fans are crazy. At halftime we went by the concessions and all the fans were yelling all the recruits names and stuff. It was pretty cool. The atmosphere was real nice too. A lot of support by the fans."

Boyd got to see how he fit in with the Irish players. He hung out with guys like Robert Hughes, Armando Allen, James Aldridge and Robert Blanton. He also spent a lot of time with fellow recruits Khairi Fortt, Cody Riggs and Lo Wood, who he rode with back to the airport on Sunday.

"Hanging out with those guys was fun."

Sounds like the whole trip was. Top Stories