Less Than a Month to IrishEyes Magazine

You won't want to miss out on the launch of IrishEyes Magazine. The debut features the Football Recruiting Yearbook, with insights on all Irish signees by Mike Frank. IrishEyes founder Joe Tybor provides lead commentary along with best-selling author Richard Ciccone. Pro journalists Kathleen O'Brien and David Jacobson profile two impact recruits you'll want to keep an eye on. Managing Editor Alan Tieuli takes an in-depth look at hoops star Matt Carroll and there's much more. Here's how to order.

The first Notre Dame Sports web site is back – with an all-gloss print magazine!

And a new partner – Mike Frank.

Citadel Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of IrishEyes™ Magazine. The glossy magazine will debut in March with an IrishEyes™ Magazine Class of 2003 Recruiting Yearbook, and then will continue as a monthly periodical published 10 times a year, beginning with the August football season preview.

Alan Tieuli, who served as Managing Editor for the online version of IrishEyes™, holds the same role with the Magazine. Tieuli and a team of respected, veteran journalists will provide atypical coverage under the Dome, emphasizing stories on athletes, issues and trends not covered by mainstream media.

Tieuli will also contribute regularly to the IrishEyes.com web site - www.IrishEyes.com – which will be operated on a daily basis out of South Bend by Mike Frank, the top online Notre Dame publisher in the business and the most notable Irish recruiting expert. Mike will also cover recruiting for the magazine.

IrishEyes™ was the first Notre Dame sports site on the Web. Founded by Joe Tybor in 1993, IrishEyes™ has been a beacon of credibility, professionalism and accuracy in the often unscrupulous, and amateur, Internet community. Maintaining the highest journalistic standards, IrishEyes™ was the only Internet site to receive full media accreditation to all Notre Dame football and basketball games, home and away. Tybor brings his impeccable credentials, earned through more than a decade covering Notre Dame as a beat writer for the Chicago Tribune, to the IrishEyes™ team.

Citadel Publishing is led by college publishing veteran, Alan McDonald; also founder of both Inside Indiana and Inside Wisconsin.

"The Internet has completely changed the team publishing business," McDonald said. "It's obvious to me the weekly tabloid is now at best, redundant to what is available on an HOURLY basis online. Why would anyone pay for a weekly publication today? By the time it shows up, the news inside is either old or in some cases, has changed but is definitely no longer "news". The internet, on the other hand, doesn't offer what a monthly gloss magazine can offer. For example, it's hard to read a 2,000-word article on a computer. Instead, fans need a magazine with beautiful photography, in-depth feature articles and most of all, a quality keepsake they can save for years as the only viable complement to online information.

"Irish Eyes website and Magazine now offers a perfect and complete product for the ultimate Notre Dame fan. Monthly, ALL GLOSS print magazine, with a goal of such quality, that it will last a lifetime as a collectors piece along with the best time-sensitive news on the web and Irisheyes.com!"

Customers must order IrishEyes™ Magazine now to ensure delivery of the Recruiting Yearbook, as this edition will have a limited press run. The Yearbook is FREE with an IrishEyes™ Magazine subscription and Total Access Pass Plus IrishEyes™ Magazine subscription).

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The Recruiting Yearbook is the most important issue of the season. Only after the smoke clears, the competition ends and after letters of intent are signed, do players provide candid interviews about why they actually chose the Irish over the competition. Before signing date, it's impossible to get the real and complete story.

Also, it's an NCAA violation for college coaches to discuss any recruit before he signs, so we take the time to interview the coach about every player, again, after signing day so while the regular press has moved on to other news after signing day, we move in for in-depth, post-signing-day interviews.

We must put in our orders to the printer now. You won't get a second chance because once they are printed, it will be too late! Don't miss out.

The IrishEyes™ Magazine Recruiting Yearbook includes:
  • Projected positions from college and high school coaches.
  • In-depth biographies on each player, including personal interviews and the best photos available.
  • Find out why each player chose the Irish over the rest.
  • Ratings from the nation's finest football scouts, including exclusive reports from the directors of the Nike camps!
  • Find out how Notre Dame's class stacked up against the nation .
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