Guilford still taking visits

<P>I had the chance to talk to Ira Guilford last night. Just to give you an idea of how good of a guy Ira is, he still took my call while battling the stomach flu. Ira has 4 visits left and he plans to take them all. </P>

I didn't want to keep Ira long so I asked just a few questions. Ira has a busy schedule starting this weekend. "I visit Ohio State this weekend. I then go for a mid-week visit to Syracuse on January 14th. I then go to Notre Dame on January 17th and I finish with Rutgers on January 24th."

Ohio State has been his clear leader since the very beginning. I asked Ira if he might just commit to Ohio State this weekend and get the process over with. "No, I will take all my visits. I want to see all the schools I am visiting so I will take my visits and then decide shortly afterwards."

Ira seems to be approaching these visits with an open mind. He plans to give every school a shot and then make his decision. Top Stories