Quinn back from all star game

<P>I caught up with current quaterback commit Brady Quinn after his impressive perfomance in San Antonio. I wanted to see what Brady thought of the game and to see if we could get any scoop from him on the game and the players. </P>

"I had a lot of fun. It was great hanging out with the guys. I really enjoyed the whole week. We didn't have a lot of time to relax. They seemed to have us on a tight schedule the whole time. We didn't get much time to just hand out and relax with the guys. That was my only complaint."

What did Brady think of his performance? "I think I did alright. I wish I would have gotten some more playing time but it's an all star game. You have to expect that. I didn't get to throw as much as I wanted to but it was fun. It's just not enough time to develop a chemistry with the receivers and there was some confusion as to what the correct routes were but you have to expect that. I think I played pretty well." Brady threw some very nice balls in that game. The competitor he is wanted him to throw and complete some more.

I know that Brady spent a lot of time with some of the top current prospects that Notre Dame is recruiting so I thought I would ask if he got a feel for where they were leaning. "I did hang out with a lot of those guys. Olsen, Sullivan, Zbikowski, Ambrose." I asked if he found out any information from guys like Olsen or Zbikowski? "You know, I really don't know. I talked to both he and Zbikowski and neither really said either way. I think they felt uncomfortable talking about it so I didn't push."

I then asked Brady if he did get any good information on some of these guys. "Oh, Sullivan, I am pretty sure he is coming. I feel pretty good about Ambrose too."

Overall, Brady really enjoyed the experience. He played very well and his performace should give Irish fans a look into the future of Notre Dame football.

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