Choice waiting to hear from Notre Dame

<P>Tashard Choice has been hanging around the Notre Dame recruiting scene all year. Tashard has remained interested in Notre Dame all year. Will he visit Notre Dame? </P>

Tashard Choice would be considered a multiple threat as a running back. He finished the year with 1200 yards rushing and 600 yards receiving and scored 15 touchdowns. He has had an interest in Notre Dame from the beginning. Have the Irish been in contact with him lately?

"I spoke with a Notre Dame coach earlier in the week. He said he will call me back very shortly to set up a visit. I will set one up soon."

There might be one problem however. Tashard has all of his weekends planned with visits to other schools. He could visit this weekend but Notre Dame is not in session right now and the NCAA will not allow official visit to a school while school is not in session.

"I have this weekend free and I might take a visit this weekend. I am taking a visit to Indiana next Wednesday. I am then going to Stanford on January 17th. I have Mississippi State on January 24th and Michigan State on January 31st."

Will Tashard move some visits around if Notre Dame comes calling? "I would probably make it a mid-week visit. I will visit if they want me to but it would probably have to be mid-week."

Tashard was leaning very heavily to Georgia Tech earlier in the year. What happened to them? "I went down there to visit. They wanted me to commit right away. Something about the place just didn't feel right. The coaches were all very nice but something just didn't feel right. They then had another back commit and so they stopped recruiting me."

Choice is a said to be an excellent receiver out of the backfield and a good runner inside the tackles. Will the Irish be calling him soon? Top Stories