Carrington Favors Two

Notre Dame has looked at several of Steve Belles' players at Hamilton High School (Chandler, Ariz.), but they haven't been able to bring one to South Bend. This year Devon Carrington might be that guy.

Notre Dame has plenty of room on the roster at the safety position, and one of their top targets in the 2010 class is Devon Carrington. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound safety isn't ready to make a decision, but he has two schools that have taken a step forward.

"I want to make my decision early on, probably before my season. If I don't feel comfortable, I'll wait," Carrington responded when asked about his recruitment. "Right now, I'd say my top choices are between Stanford and Notre Dame I have schools that are still high on my list. I still talk to though; Cal, ASU, Arizona and Northwestern.

"I'm going to Stanford May 27th, and I'm going to Cal the day before, May 26th. At Stanford I'd like to see their campus and learn more about Palo Alto. I don't know much about the area. At Cal, I'd like to find out a little bit more about their depth chart, what the playing time situation is for me and where I fit in their program."

Carrington hasn't visited the Notre Dame campus either, but he could do so in June.

"I going to try to get down there sometime in June, the week of the 20th hopefully," Carrington said. ""I know they have a great tradition. As soon as I got an offer from them, I got all these emails and it was all over the internet. I know they have a huge fan base. Their academics are very strong, which is huge for me.

"I talk to coach Corwin Brown about once a week. He's the defensive backs coach at Notre Dame. We have a pretty good relationship. He's very straight-up with me. We talk about the academic stuff, the tradition stuff. Coach Brown said they're looking to win a national championship the next couple years. My aspiration is to go to the NFL and he can help me get there.

"I really don't have questions about Notre Dame, because I talk to coach Brown a lot. I ask him a lot of things. He's pretty much answered most of my questions. I don't see weather or location being too big of a factor for me because I've lived all over the place," Carrington explained. "I don't seeing either being a big deal with me. If there were a downside to going to Notre Dame, I'd have to say being away from my family. I think my mom would like to keep me close, but I think she'd be all right with (the distance) if I went to Notre Dame." Top Stories