Barr Isn't In A Hurry

Anthony Barr from Loyola High School (Los Angeles, Calif.) has strong ties to Notre Dame, but at this point in his recruitment, he's taking his time and looking for a school that fits him best.'s No. 6 ranked running back, Anthony Barr, has big-time scholarship offers from Notre Dame, UCLA, USC, Michigan, California, Stanford, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida State and Syracuse.

"I'm just trying to narrow schools down, and trying to find out where I really want to go," Barr explained when asked about his recruitment. "I'm just trying to find the schools that I have a high interest in. I've told some schools that I don't have interest in them, but right now I think I have a list of about 17 schools that I still have interest in and I think I could go to. That's just a hypothetical right now; I'm still just trying to find out what the different schools have to offer.

"USC and UCLA are so close that I stay in contact with them. I've seen both of their campuses and watched a couple practices. I've had a lot of contact with Cal, but as far as actually seeing other schools, I think USC and UCLA are the only schools that I've been able to see in person other than Notre Dame.

"I'm going to try and have the schools that I'm interested in narrowed down by the start of my football season," Barr said. "Then I'd like to take my trips and have my decision made after my season is over."

Barr has already made a couple trips to South Bend, but Notre Dame would like to land one of those officials come fall.

"I went to the (ND) game against Stanford last year, and I also went to their camp (last summer)," Barr explained. "They're a really good academic school, I think that's important. They really stress being a family and being together. I think they're going to be very competitive this year. The campus was really nice. When I was out there it was really nice out, although I haven't experienced it in the winter. It's a lot different than California, but I could see myself going there. We'll see, but I think I could make the change.

"My former teammate Mike Hernandez is an offensive lineman there. I actually spoke to him the other day at school. I know Dayne Crist because I played against him every now and then. I've been in contact with him every now and then, off and on. I played against Anthony McDonald and [Joseph] Fauria as well.

"Crist was an all-around good player," Barr said of the Irish sophomore quarterback. "I think he killed us with his feet more than his arm actually, but he was big and strong and hard to bring down. He has a really good arm and he managed the game well."

Barr is being recruited on both sides of the ball. He'd like to continue to carry the football in college, but contributing to his team and getting playing time appear to be more important to the 6-foot-4, 225-pound athlete.

"Wherever I can play is fine," Anthony said. "I like to have the ball in my hands running, but if there's another position where I can play right away, I'm fine with that. Coach Weis kind of said he might want me on the defensive side of the ball, but basically they said they'd leave it up to me. We'll see what happens.

"There are schools that are recruiting me at running back, but there are others that say safety or linebacker. For the most part, it's mainly running back," he added." Top Stories