Business Is Picking Up For Priester

Jerrell Priester of Allendale-Fairfax High School (Fairfax, S.C.) is a dynamic athlete is a state full of big-time football players, but he didn't receive the early recruiting attention that he had anticipated. His confidence never wavered and the now that attention is starting to come his way.

After a slow start to recruiting, athlete Jerrell Priester (5-foot-9 170-pounds) has started to see an uptick in the amount of interest shown by some of the nations premier programs. The Irish were one of the first schools to offer Priester a scholarship and that got the ball rolling.

"At first I was disappointed that some of the schools weren't showing interest in me," Priester explained when asked about the status of his recruitment. "Then I realized that it's a business That's just the reality of it. Every school isn't going to want you. I want all the big DI offers and I want to be ranked high, but that's not really what it's about. I just want to go somewhere to get my education, play football and pursue my dreams. I know I'm a good athlete and I know that I can play. Whatever school takes a chance on me is going to get a great athlete and teammate.

"At first schools said that I was too small, but when Notre Dame offered me the other schools probably thought that they were making a mistake, and thought they should put me back on their board. After Notre Dame offered me, people told me that other schools would start showing interest, and they have, but nobody else has offered me yet. They all sound like they want me to come to their camp and work out as a (defensive back).

"Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, Auburn, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Baylor, there are a variety of schools that have started recruiting me," Jerrell said.

Priester didn't know much about the Irish until he until received his offer, but since that time the Irish coaches have impressed the standout athlete.

"Ever since the first day I spoke with coach Brown he told me that everything isn't just about football or just about coming to Notre Dame," Priester explained. "He just wants what's best for me. He wants me to become a man. I really respect that of him. Coach Brown wants me to play DB, but coach Weis wants me to go to the offensive side of the ball. I'll play either position. I'll play wherever I can make a difference on the field. Most people have been telling me that cornerback is going to be best in the long run, so that's probably the best for me.

"I talked to coach Weis again (Monday) and I talked to coach Brown about every week and I email coach Brown all the time. I have a lot of contact with the Notre Dame coaches. Coach Weis has just been telling me about the school and how it is academically. Our spring practice is just about to start, so we'll talk about that. He told me that he really wants me to come up there and see how everything is and he thinks when I come up that I'll see that Notre Dame is the place that I want to be.

"They're a good academic school and they have a good (football) tradition," he said. "When recruiting first started I wanted to stay in state, but since those schools didn't show much interest it opened everything up for other schools. Notre Dame is a school that I fell in love with. I love the coaches and I love everything that I've heard about it from people around here. I've been talking to my coaches and my family and I think Notre Dame would be a good fit for me.

"I'm going to wait and take a trip to Notre Dame in a couple of months." Top Stories