Wooden Taking Last Visit This Weekend

<P>4 star defensive back Ambrose Wooden is set to take his final visit this weekend. What are his plans for his decision? </P>

"I am visiting Stanford this weekend. I leave on Friday. I think I am done after that."

Ambrose enjoyed the all-star game and he has been enjoying the recruiting process. "I had a lot of fun there. I got to meet some good guys and I enjoyed hanging out with them. I am still enjoying this. I am getting close to my decision so I am excited about that."

I asked Ambrose what his plan was. "I should decide in a week or two. I will sit down with my parent sometime in the middle of next week. I have Coach Willingham coming over on Monday. Coach O'Brien has already been here. Coach Friedgen will be here on Tuesday. I haven't scheduled anything with Coach Teevins yet. I am not sure if I will need to at this point. I will see him on Friday."

Comments. I still feel good about Ambrose as well. After listening to what others have said lately after the all-star game, I think there is reason for optimism. Anything can change however.

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