Thomas Remains Patient

Notre Dame is still looking for a couple of quarterbacks to add to their 2010 recruiting class. Peter Thomas has a ton of potential and two Notre Dame coaches recently made a visit to Valhalla High School (El Cajon, Calif.) to evaluate the standout quarterback.

Notre Dame coaches Brian Polian and Ron Powlus have been on the road evaluating some of the top quarterbacks in the country. The duo recently stopped by to watch Peter Thomas workout.

"Coach Polian and coach Powlus stopped by my high school to watch me throw," the 6-foot-5, 218-pound quarterback said. "It was a typical throwing session that we do with my coaches. We threw a lot of routes, did some footwork drills, and did a lot of throwing on the run. I thought I did pretty good, and actually I thought it was one of the better times that I threw in front of coaches. They said that I did pretty well, so we'll see what happens.

"They said to just wait until the end of May, because all the coaches were on the road recruiting. (Polian) said that they'd have their meetings and then they'd let me know what they were going to do. Coach Polian and coach Powlus are going around seeing all the quarterbacks on their board and then they're going to get together at the end and decide if they are going to offer someone or not. Hopefully I'm one of those guys."

Notre Dame didn't sign a quarterback in it's last recruiting calls, which means the Irish will need to nab at least one for the 2010 class. Thomas is interested in the Irish and he would appear to be a good fit for their offense.

"Their tradition," Thomas responded when asked what interested him about Notre Dame. "Charlie Weis with his knowledge and his offense. They definitely run a pro-style offense. I've heard that they're taking two quarterbacks. That really doesn't matter to me. There's going to competition anywhere you go, so it doesn't matter if there's another guy in my class or a year ahead.

"I think I have pretty good leadership. I understand the offense pretty good. I'm tall, I think I have good footwork, good pocket mobility. I'm not going to break an 80-yard touchdown run, but I can definitely escape the rush a little bit and turn a negative play into a positive play. I think I have a pretty strong arm and I think that I'm pretty accurate.

"Me and my receivers throw a lot," he said. "My coach has had us work on throwing a lot on deep balls and touch passes, so I think I can throw a pretty good deep ball. Our receivers do a lot of work catching and all that work has paid off. My receivers will go out and catch it. They're all pretty good receivers."

At this point, Thomas holds offers from Arizona State, Boston College, Maryland and Northwestern. Expect that number to grow due to the amount of traffic that has made its way to Valhalla.

"There have been a lot of schools that have stopped out," Thomas said. "USC, Tennessee, Washington, Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona State, Northwestern, Cal and Notre Dame. I only have a handful of offers compared to some other guys, so I'm not going to narrow my list down right now. I'd like to commit sometime in mid-June or late June, but before my senior year.

Thomas' story a bit more interesting when one learns of the beginnings of his football career.

"I played soccer my whole life and I kind of got burnt out on it by seventh grade," Thomas described. "My brother played football and I just wanted to hit someone, so I played one year of Pop Warner and I played nose guard. I actually loved playing nose. I thought I was pretty good and I loved the contact, but after that year I decided that I wanted to become a quarterback. My freshman year I played outside linebacker and quarterback, and then played quarterback from then on out." Top Stories