Offer list Grows for Hendrix

Notre Dame is still looking to add a quarterback to the 2010 recruiting class, and the latest Irish scholarship to be sent out went to Andrew Hendrix of Moeller High School (Cincinnati, Ohio).

Andrew Hendrix (6-foot-3, 220-pounds) wasn't able to workout for the Notre Dame coaches when the made to visit to his high school in April, but that didn't prevent them from extending the standout quarterback a scholarship offer.

"Notre Dame started talking to me about a month ago," Hendrix said of his contact with the Irish coaching staff. "Coach Powlus came to Moeller, and wanted to see me throw, but unfortunately I had a baseball game that day. I was pitching, so I didn't want to throw my arm out that day. They really weren't allowed to talk to me, but they wanted to see my body type and to see what type of person I was, so they talked to my coach a lot to get my background.

"Occasionally I'd call [Powlus] to stay in contact with him and we'd exchange emails and (Thursday) I received a call from him and they offered me a full scholarship. It's just a huge offer, especially being a Moeller kid. Moeller used to be a pipeline to Notre Dame with coach Faust. I know with this offer that he's going to be pushing for me to be a Notre Dame guy. Being from Moeller and having an opportunity to get them back to where they used to be would be pretty cool. It's going to be exciting to see where this goes."

Notre Dame would like the to see Hendrix take the offer, but for now the Irish will settle for being one of Andrew's top schools.

"A school like Notre Dame is a huge deal," Hendrix said. "They definitely jump up towards the top of my list. It's definitely a great opportunity. I've never been to Notre Dame personally, but I've heard nothing but great things about it. People tell me all the time that when you see it, that you'll fall in love with it. One of my teachers wrestled at Notre Dame and he said that Notre Dame would be the place to go even before they offered.

"Everything with the tradition and everything with the Catholicism is a huge plus. I can't even consider that with other schools, because that's not even an option to consider. The religious part of it is definitely a plus with Notre Dame. Overall it's just a great program with great players. It's a program on the rise. They've had a couple down years, but last year they played well. I've tried to watch as many games as I could. It's just an honor to be able to consider Notre Dame."

Hendrix has an impressive list of schools chasing him, so the Irish will need to work hard to bring him to South Bend.

"There are a lot of big-time schools that I'm still considering and that will make my list," he explained. "Tennessee is another school like that and Ohio State is that same way. They definitely will be up towards the top. Right now, I'm just seeing a lot of the other schools that are going to make my list. I'd like to cut it down to five, but that number might be way too small. There are a lot of other schools that I have seen or have not seen that I like or that I don't know enough about to rule out.

"Right now I have around 20 offers. Some of the top offers are Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, Miami (Fla.), Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan State. I'm also considering some other smaller schools that offer great academics and playing time. Just because it's not a 5-star prestige school doesn't mean that I'm not going to consider them.

"I'd definitely like to get my list to between five and ten," Hendrix said "From there I'll cut it down even more as I make visits throughout the summer. I definitely want to commit before school starts, or before the season kicks off."

As bright of a future as Andrew has after high school, he's not going to forget some unfinished business at Moeller.

"We have a very good team and in my opinion, one of the better Moeller teams in the last five or ten years," he explained. "We have a very good squad. Our class has a lot of spirit and our job is to bring the prestige back to Moeller that it had in the 70's, when we were one of the top dogs in the nation.

"We have the talent, we have the heart, and it's going to be a huge year for us. I'd really like to concentrate on my academics and football and not have to deal with the whole recruiting thing. I don't think it's fair for me to worry about recruiting, while other players might be playing their last year of football. I don't think that I'd be giving them 100 percent of my time. I want to concentrate on winning a state championship for Moeller." Top Stories