Martin Will Learn As He Competes

Zach Martin understands that he won't be handed playing time when he arrives at Notre Dame. That doesn't bother the offensive tackle from Bishop Chatard High School, (Indianapolis, Ind.) as he's ready to learn from the upperclassmen.

It's a short trip from Indianapolis to South Bend for Zach Martin, but he's ready for the long haul as he prepares to arrive at Notre Dame.

"I'm just doing my workouts and getting ready for what's coming up this summer," the 6-foot-5, 260 pound lineman responded when asked about reporting to Notre Dame. "I'm just trying to soak everything up and enjoy the last few weeks with my high school buddies.

"I'm doing the 110's every week. They're pretty tough, but I'm getting through it. It's not too bad. I have a guy here that helps me out, so it's a lot better doing it with someone that's for sure."

Notre Dame made a staff change over the off-season, by adding offensive line coach Frank Verducci. Verducci didn't recruit Martin, but Zach has already started to build a bond with the new Irish coach.

"I really like coach Verducci," Martin said. "What I've heard and when I talk to him, he's seems pretty intense. He definitely knows what he's talking about, because he's been around the game for along time. I think it will be great working with a guy that has some much experience on the NFL level. I'm excited.

"He told me to come in and compete. It's all about who wants it more and who's working the hardest. He said that I'll being playing tackle, and that I'll be the low man on the totem pole, but for me to work my way up by working hard this summer and fall."

"From what I heard about the spring game, I think they rushed for over 200 yards, so I think that looks pretty good," he said. "I know coach Verducci is the running game coordinator too, so I'm sure he's going to emphasize that part of the offense in order to open up the play-action passing game even more. I definitely think the running game is going to be something that we're going to be working on all year.

With several experienced players expected to secure the starting spots at the two tackle positions, Martin is willing to soak up as much as he can in his initial season with the Irish.

"There are a lot of older guys, so that's a good thing," Martin explained. "Coming in with Sam (Young) and Paul (Duncan) there, I can learn from those guys since they've been there for three or four years. They have all that game experience, so I'm excited and I'm going to learn everything that I can from those guys."

Martin had a number of scholarship offers from top programs, but the feeling he had about Notre Dame never left him.

"I had been up there quite a few times," Zach said. "I went up there a few times over the summer, so I was really just around the coaches. I saw the facilities and they were obviously great. Then I went to a game and just hung out with the guys by myself. I got a chance to meet a lot of the players and see what they do. They were great, and I felt that I fit in great with them. It just was a really good fit for me.

"I took a lot of visits in the spring and looked at a lot of schools, but I just found the right fit in South Bend. I had a couple schools that I really liked. I really enjoyed my Virginia trip and I liked the guys down there too. I'd probably say that was my other school, but like I said, I just didn't think there was any other place that I wanted to go except Notre Dame." Top Stories