Bradford enjoys Stanford visit

<P>Top wide receiver prospect Mark Bradford visited Stanford this weekend. He is set to make his last official visit to Notre Dame on January 17th. I caught up with Mark to find out where he is at in his decision. </P>

Bradford enjoyed his Stanford visit. "I enjoyed it, everything. The academics are great, the people were good, the coaching staff was upbeat and talked about getting back on track. I think I fit in well with the players there. It was a nice visit."

I asked him to compare his visits with the Stanford visits. "Stanford and LSU were the best two. I have elminated Washington and Washington State. I liked those two the best and probably Stanford the most."

I asked Mark if he still plans to visit ND next weekend. "Definitely, I am still planning on visiting."

So what is it about Notre Dame that he likes? "It's like Stanford in that you get the great academic fit but also get that great athletic fit as well. I like Coach Willingham too."

I asked Mark about Freddie Parish and if he enjoyed Freddie and his kidding about him going to Notre Dame. "(laughs). Freddie is a cool guy. I like him a lot. We had a lot of fun at that game. Sure, I would like to play with him."

Bradford really doesn't have a leader right now. "You know, I wouldn't say I have a leader. Stanford, Notre Dame, LSU, USC and maybe UCLA are in it. I have heard that UCLA is trying to get in touch with me but I haven't been around to talk to them."

Bradford plans to play both sports in college (football/basketball). "I do plan to play both. I have talked to the schools about it. I probably need to clear it with some but I have talked to them about it. I want to play both in college."

Comments. Right now, I think Stanford did a good job on him. I think Stanford is the school he has liked the most out of his visits but he hasn't visited ND yet. I like our chances but I am sure the Stanford fans like their chances as well. I still think ND wins this one. Won't know for sure until he visits. He did say he would probably take an unofficial to USC and maybe to UCLA as well and they will be selling him as well. Top Stories