Fox Is Looking For Time

Notre Dame loaded up on talent at the linebacker position with the 2009 recruiting class. Dan Fox from St. Ignatius High School (Cleveland, Ohio) is one of those players and he's ready to begin his career at Notre Dame.

Dan Fox (6-foot-3, 225-pounds), Zeke Motta, Carlo Calabrese and Manti Te'o make up one of the best groups of linebackers Notre Dame has signed in one year.

"We have four really good players, and I know Zeke (Motta) is already up there doing a good job," Fox responded when asked about his future teammates. I'm rooming with Carlo Calabrese from New Jersey, so I've talked with him a little bit. We're going to have a pretty good group.

"We have a lot of talented linebackers already there and I'll be practicing against them everyday so I'm sure we'll all get really good. Hopefully I'll get a shot at special teams this year, because linebackers are generally on that.

"I'm going to play outside linebacker," Dan explained. "I've heard both SAM and Will. I played safety at 220-pounds this year in high school, so I'm not sure where I'll end up. I've even thought about defensive end, but I'd have to put on some weight to do that. I could see that happening though."

Although the Irish do have a deep group of linebackers already on campus, Fox is ready to compete for playing time.

"I'm just excited to get up there and get started," Fox said. "I'm excited to meet all the guys and form a bond with them and start the season. I just want to see the field somehow and I just want to get out there and compete. As long as I'm competing and working hard I think everything will work out.

"I'm going to have to learn the defense really quick, because I really didn't get a chance to watch them this season because my games were on Saturday right when they were playing, so I really didn't get a chance to see them. I know what coach Tenuta is like and I know what coach Brown is like. I know what they expect, but I'll have to learn a lot when I get up there."

The process of learning about Notre Dame started long ago, and Dan has had former St. Ignatius stars Robby Parris and John Ryan to help keep him up to speed.

"All I hear is what a great experience it is and they tell me that I'll love it when I get up there," Fox recalled. "The guys are awesome. They say it's a lot of work with school and football and balancing everything out, but they're just excited for me to get up there and so am I.

"Notre Dame was my No.1 coming in. I had other offers, but I knew once they offered that that's where I'd go. I liked some other schools, but when Notre Dame said they wanted me to play for them, I decided that's where I was going to go. I love the place from going to games when I was little. Growing up I loved Notre Dame, so once I got the offer I knew that was where I was going to go.

Fox will get to the campus this weekend, but he still isn't sure what number he'll wear for the Irish.

"I'm not sure what number I'll wear," Fox said. "I guess I'll find that out when I get over there. I wore No.3 in high school, but I think (Floyd) has that locked down." Top Stories