Guilford set to visit Notre Dame

<P>Top safety prospect Ira Guilford has a busy two weeks ahead of him. He leaves Tuesday for Syracuse, visits Notre Dame this weekend and then visits Rutgers the following weekend. I talked to Guilford about his visit to Notre Dame and where he is at in the recruiting game. </P>

Ira Guilford is taking his visits and should be making a decision soon. Ira went to his favorite school last weekend (Ohio State). "It was real nice, it was great. It was my 4th time there so nothing was news to me but I was able to hang out with the players and go out with them. I think I fit in well with the players. "

Will Ira still take his visits? "I think so. I talked it over with my coach and my parents and I think I will take the rest. I am positive I will take my Notre Dame visit. I am supposed to leave for Syracuse tomorrow. I will probably take Rutgers as well."

I asked Ira what Ohio State told him about their scholarship limit and if they were willing to wait. "Yeah, I talked to Coach Tressell about that. They know how I feel about them and I know how they feel about me. They said they would wait until February 5th for me."

Ira said he plans to visit Notre Dame with both his parents and has coach Simmons in on Thursday for an in-home visit. Ohio State will also stop by his school on Thursday.

Comments. I think ND is the clear #2 and his Dad likes Willingham. Surprised he is taking his visits. They have a shot. I have really enjoyed talking to Ira because he is always in a good mood, always home and isn't afraid to answer questions. I have heard he is a head-hunter of a safety prospect and a pretty darn good runningback as well. I just thought of something, it could be that Guilford might be recruited as a running back. I will ask him after his visit. Top Stories