Notre Dame Didn't Disappoint

Notre Dame hosted several recruits who were in town for unofficial visits. One of the best prospects that got his first look at the campus was linebacker Kendall Moore from Southeast Raleigh High School (Raleigh, N.C.)

Kendall Moore (6-foot-2.5, 229-pounds) was anxious to make the trip to South Bend, and once he arrived on campus, he wasn't disappointed.

"It went real good," Moore said of his recent visit to Notre Dame. "I went over with my mom and my dad. They loved it. All the history was impressive and academics were very impressive so they liked it a lot. There's a lot of history, and there's a lot of things going on besides just football program. I had a good visit.

"Coming into the visit I thought it was going to be pretty nice, but it kind of exceeded my expectations in terms of how nice it was and I didn't think there was anything to do in South Bend, but the guys took me out and showed me around. It's nice."

The visit wasn't all business as Kendall had a chance to meet a number of players that had recently returned to practice.

"I hung out with Kerry Neal, Brian Smith, Manti Te'o and a bunch of guy," Moore said. "We just kind of hung out that night. They showed me around campus and showed me the campus life. It was nice… it was really nice.

"They had a cookout at one of the player's houses. Kerry and I went there and hung out for a while. Everything went well. I had met Robert (Blanton) and Raeshon (McNeil) before, but it was nice to see some other people from North Carolina there.

"The players told me how campus life was, and told me how much they liked it," Moore recalled. "What I liked about it was that the players didn't put any pressure on me and they just told me to do what I wanted to do and go where the best fit was for me.

"Prince (Shembo) was with me half of the time we were down there. He's a nice guy. I've known him since around our freshman year. We went to a three-day camp at Clemson and that's when we met. We already know each other really good.

"Lo Wood was down there also." Kendall said. "He committed when he was there. We hung out for a little while after he committed. He was pretty excited about it. He was telling me about his decision process. He told me about the other schools that he was looking at and why he thought that Notre Dame was the best place for him. I was good to hear everything from another recruit's perspective."

Moore and his parents had plenty of time to ask questions about the university while they were on campus.

"They pretty much answered all of my questions," he said. "Right now I'm going to evaluate everything and try to see some other things if I can, but I know where I stand with Notre Dame now. I talked to coach Weis and coach Brown and I think they pretty much understand where I'm coming from so that's good that we're on the same page.

"Coming in everyone was kind of the same, and I've tried to keep a level head, and evaluate all of my schools. I'm not going to name any leaders or anything, but Notre Dame would be there.

"I'm going to talk to my dad about taking a couple more visits," Kendall explained. "I'm looking to do that now. I have a scrimmage on August 15th and I want to have my decision done before that. My dad has also wants me to get my decision done before my season starts so I can concentrate on playing, so I'm pretty much going to stick with that plan." Top Stories