Shembo Talks About His Visit

Linebacker Prince Shembo made an unofficial visit to Notre Dame over the weekend and came away impressed. The standout prep athlete from Ardrey Kell High School (Charlotte, N.C.) isn't ready to make a decision, but this visit did answer a lot of questions he had.

Prince Shembo (6-foot-2, 225-pounds) doesn't want the drive from Charlotte to South Bend to be a monthly excursion, but the information he gathered on his recent visit was worth the time on the road.

"It was a very long drive, but it was worth it," Shembo responded when asked about the drive to Notre Dame. "Everything went really well. I was really surprised by South Bend. I really thought it was a nice place. Being Catholic it was a very good place to go and see. My parents liked it as well, especially my mom. It's a very clean college and academically everything speaks for itself.

"The campus surprised me a lot. I didn't think it would look anything like that. I thought Notre Dame was in the middle of nowhere, but the campus was beautiful and very clean. The facilities were very nice. Those facilities are a lot nicer than people think they are. When I went to the Gug, I was very surprised."

After receiving a campus tour Shembo met up with a few freshman that are just making Notre Dame their home.

"I hung out with Manti Te'o and all the other freshman athletes," Shembo explained. "They like it a lot and everyone was like a brother already. I was able to hang out with the players and talk to them and hear what they had to say. I got to see how they interacted and their character.

"They told me about their recruiting experiences and other things that they went through. They just made me feel very welcome. We played a lot of video games. You can tell we're athletes though, because we compete at everything. It's a great crew that I could see myself playing with for four years. It was a great feel and just a very good experience.

"I was able to talk to all the coaches," he said. "In their defensive scheme they get after the quarterback, and with me being able to do that I could blitz of the edge from the linebacker position. I can also drop back into cover."

Shembo isn't ready to name a leader at this point, but the Irish did impress him. With the summer winding down, Prince should have a decision fairly soon.

"Notre Dame is in my top group of schools along with North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Wake Forest, and N.C. State," Shembo explained. "I really liked Notre Dame. I have one more visit to Virginia Tech in July and then I'll make my decision at the end of the summer." Top Stories