Amerson Names Leader

Safety David Amerson from Dudley High School (Greensboro, N.C.) is a priority for the Notre Dame coaching staff, but the Irish may be hanging on by a thread.

David Amerson (6-foot-1, 180-pounds) had planned to make a visit to Notre Dame a couple weeks ago, but he wasn't able to make the trip.

"I was planning on being there a couple weeks ago, but I had a situation with my family so I couldn't go," Amerson responded when asked why he did not make the trip to Notre Dame. "I'd still like to make it up there before my season though."

Instead of making it to Notre Dame, Amerson took a visit to N.C. State and nearly ended his recruitment.

"I think it was last weekend," David explained. "I was thinking about committing to N.C. State very heavily. That week I think I was there three days. Right now I'd say they are my leader.

"The main factor why I didn't make a decision like that is because I want to get up to Notre Dame. At this point, I'd like to explore my options a little more. I called coach Brown and we're working on trying to work out something where I can make that trip.

With N.C. State taking the lead, Amerson is still looking at three additional schools.

"Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Clemson," Amerson said. "I really feel comfortable with those schools right now, so we'll see what happens." Top Stories