Abiamiri getting closer to decision

<P>Victor Abiamiri has been a hot prospect since his performance at the Army all-star game. Abiamiri is down to Maryland and Notre Dame. When can we expect a decision? </P>

Are you getting closer on your decision? "I am still thinking about it. It's close, I really don't know."

Victor had an in-home visit with Coach Willingham on Monday. I asked Victor the visit went. "It went good. He is a good man and I like him."

Maryland has been rumored the leader, I asked Victor to comment on that. "It's still very close. I just don't know."

Coach has yet to have his in-home visit so I asked Victor when he was coming? "He will be here tonight. I look forward to talking to him."

Victor seemed very confused so I asked him why is the decision hard? "I like Maryland and my two brothers are there. It's close to home. With Notre Dame, there is a lot of factors. I really like the coaching staff there and the school."

When can we expect a decision? "I think it will be late January and maybe even February."

Comments. The longer this goes, the better for Notre Dame I believe. If he announces soon, I don't think it will be Notre Dame. The Irish have some more work to do on Victor. I do think this is close however. Will the decision of Wesley Jefferson choosing Maryland help Maryland?

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