Willingham visiting Zbikowski home tonight

<P>Tom Zbikowski can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has a few more in-home visits lined up and plans to announce his decision soon. What are his plans for his announcement?</P>

Tommy Zbikowski has been a Notre Dame fan for since childhood. He is the classic example of a kid born to play football at Notre Dame. He is a world-class boxer and and all around tough guy. He has remained quiet all year about which school he leaning to so it's no surprise that he didn't make any public statements last night.

"I am getting close to my decision. I will probably announce on Chicagoland TV. It will be early next week but I am not sure what day. We are trying to work that out now. We might be doing the webcam thing with ESPN as well. They are trying to set that up as well."

I asked Tom if he was excited about Willingham coming to visit and what he expected during this visit. "I hope we have a good conversation. I am very excited to talk to him."

Tom also has Coach Solich scheduled to visit on Thursday and that will be it for his in-home visits. "I will then sit down with my family and make a decision. I will announce my decision next week."

Comments. Tommy is a ND kid. He has always wanted to play for Notre Dame and I believe he will. If he chooses another school, I wish him all the luck in the world but I bet he ends up choosing Notre Dame.

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