Camp Pays Dividends For Lombard

Although Christian Lombard committed to Notre Dame a long time ago, that doesn't mean the standout offensive lineman from Fremd High School (Palatine, Ill.) is just going sit back and watch the days fall off the calendar.

Christian Lombard (6-foot-5, 280-pounds) could have taken the easy route and messed around this summer, but that isn't his style. Instead,'s No. 1 ranked offensive guard decided to take up the challenge of Notre Dame's summer football camp.

"It was a great camp," Lombard responded when asked about his recent camp experience. "It was an opportunity to go in a work with coach Verducci, and it turned out that I learned a lot of stuff from him while I was there. I learned a lot from a football aspect and seeing how coach Verducci works with you. I really like the way he coaches. He wants you to understand everything and why you're being asked to do something and why a particular technique is being done.

"I learned how to properly hit someone initially; starting with your hands and engaging your whole body… that was probably the biggest thing that I learned. The right body placement and using your entire body. Using your entire body to your advantage. I really did take a lot away from it, so overall it was a great camp."

Three defensive line prospects with Notre Dame scholarship offers also attended camp in Beau Allen, Bruce Gaston, and Louis Nix. Lombard didn't go heads-up with any of them, but he was impressed with their intensity.

"There were a couple defensive tackles there that Notre Dame had offered," Lombard said. "I was playing offensive tackle the entire time, so I didn't get to go up against them. They looked good, they seemed to play with a nasty attitude and I like to see that. They didn't quite on plays, and stayed very low to the ground. They were big physical guys. They had pretty good footwork and were pretty agile."

With the summer winding down, Christian has started to turn his focus toward his senior season.

"I'm done with all the camps and everything," Lombard explained. "We're actually already practicing. We just got done with a week break, and that's when I went to the camp. I want to start focusing on my team right now.

"I will incorporate the things that coach Verducci taught me. I want to work on my leadership this year. I want to be a leader on my team. I want to be a force on the offensive line, help other guys elevate their game, and just be an important guy out on the field." Top Stories