A Perfect Fit

Notre Dame received its 12th verbal commitment today as Scout.com's No. 17 ranked middle linebacker, Kendall Moore announced his decision this evening at Southeast Raleigh High School (N.C.)

The Irish coaching staff hosted Kendall Moore (6-foot-2.5, 229-pounds) for an unofficial visit a couple weeks ago, and Moore saw all he needed to see from Notre Dame. The Irish edged out N.C. State and South Carolina for Moore's pledge.

"I committed to Notre Dame," Kendall responded when asked about his college decision. "I called coach Brown, and I told him that Notre Dame was the best situation for me, especially after my visit. I thought one of the biggest things that they told me was that Notre Dame is on the highest stage in terms of football and academics. Academically they're competing with Stanford, Duke and all the big-time academic schools and I thought Notre Dame had the best combination when I was looking at schools.

"Coach Brown was real excited. He told me to call coach Weis and when I spoke with coach Weis he said that coach Brown was pretty nervous, because he knew that my parents liked the visit a lot, but coach Brown didn't know if I did. He said that he was really excited about everything that happened."

Moore was plenty excited about Notre Dame after his visit, and there were a number of reasons he chose to play for the Irish.

"Throughout my visit, hanging out with the guys and the coaches, I thought it was a really good fit for me," Moore explained. "Everyone seemed to be on the same page as me as far as trying to get to the next level and in terms of academics. We all just seemed to be on the same page and I liked that a lot.

"I talked to coach Tenuta when I was up there as well. He asked me what I want to play when I got up there, because he said he didn't want to put me in a situation where I was playing a position that I wasn't comfortable playing. He asked me which position that I was most comfortable with and I told him it was outside linebacker because I've been playing that position since I was six-years old. I've played inside as well, but he said that was probably the best fit for me as far as my size and speed. That was really important to me that he took the time to ask me and to figure out where I was most comfortable playing

"Coming up and watching movies and football, Notre Dame is the Mecca of football," Kendall said. "They have as many championships as anyone and when you think about football, Notre Dame is one of the first schools that comes to mind. Growing up it was always one of the top schools you could go to. When they called and offered me a scholarship, I knew it was a big deal. I didn't necessarily think that I was going to end up there, but that's how things worked out. I just thought it was the perfect fit for me."

Like many of the players in the current recruiting class, the tradition and history of Notre Dame made a strong impression on Moore.

"The overall history and the school itself was a perfect fit for me," Moore said. "Going through the stadium, seeing Touchdown Jesus and the grotto and everything was really nice. I toured the locker room and went down the stairs and hit the ‘Play Like A Champion' sign. That was a big thing.

"My dad keeps telling me that he knows there's some ghosts in that locker room because it's been around for so long; just all the players that have come through and played in the same locker room, that was something."

Moore will also receive a small bonus when he reports to Notre Dame. Senior Raeshon McNeil, who is also a native of North Carolina, will be wearing No. 8 for the final time.

"Coach Brown and coach Weis told me that I'll be able to keep my number and that's exciting," he recalled. "I don't hear that from anybody. No. 8 has been my number since I was a little kid and that's definitely a little bonus."

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