Kohler May Visit ND

Offensive lineman Erik Kohler from Oaks Christian High School ( Westlake Village,Calif.) has four schools that he's focusing on at this time, and the Irish are in that quartet. Kohler hasn't visited Notre Dame yet, but that could change next week.

Erik Kohler (6-foot- , 2 –pounds) has visited three of four schools still under consideration and is hoping to knock out a visit to the fourth in the near future.

"I'm thinking about going over to Notre Dame next week because I have a week off," Kohler responded when asked if he'd take an unofficial visit to South Bend. "I think the chances are pretty good that'll I'll go. We have a week off so, I'm going to try and take advantage of it. I'd say that there's a 90 percent chance that I'll get up there.

"I'm primarily going to see if I fit in with the coaching staff and see if I agree with them and like how they coach. I think they'll show me around the campus and then I'd like to get a chance to sit down with the coaches."

Kohler is considering four schools, but he recently named Washington as his leader after returning from an unofficial visit to Seattle.

"The other two schools are Cal and UCLA," he explained. "I've been to all my schools except Notre Dame. At the moment I'd say Washington has an edge over the other schools, but I really want to keep my options open until I decide on what I want.

"Before I went to Washington, I just thought about them on the side and I didn't really think much of it, but the visit completely changed everything for me, so we'll see what happens with Notre Dame. A visit makes a massive impact on me."

If Kohler travels to South Bend next week, the Irish coaching staff will need to make a big impression on him. When Erik was at Washington he formed a strong bond with the new husky staff.

"I just got a great feeling from the coaches, Erik said. "I really felt like I could trust that the coaches will be able to take that program and excel. I'm looking for a confident coaching staff that I know will be able to take the program and launch it and I think they can do that at Washington.

"The last coaching staff has made the (Washington) program how it looks today. They've had their bad seasons, so I was really so-so when I went there, but after meeting the new coaching staff I felt very confident in them."

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