Labrose Hedgemon II still visiting Notre Dame?

<P>Top corner prospect LaBrose Hedgemon II announced that he was committing to North Carolina yesterday. He does still plan to visit Notre Dame however. </P>

LaBrose Hedgemon II is committed to North Carolina. "Yes sir, I did commit. I discussed it with my parents and we felt it was the best fit for me."

LaBrose also want people to know that his commitment is solid to the Tar Heels. "Yes sir, I am a solid commitment to North Carolina."

LaBrose is going to visit Notre Dame and here is why. "I talked to Notre Dame and they said it wouldn't be right for me to schedule a visit and cancel it. I talked to my parents and they want me to go up there. I talked to the coaches at North Carolina and they said it was O.K. to go so I am going up there."

Does he have a legitimate interest in Notre Dame or is he committed to North Carolina? "I am committed to North Carolina. I talked it over with my parents and they want me to to see if this is what I really wanted."

Comments. I respect a kid who honors his commitments. I do think that he will end up at North Carolina but the Irish will have their shot to change his mind. Top Stories