Shaw Has Official Visits On His Mind

Cornerback Josh Shaw is one the hottest recruits in the country, receiving a flood of scholarship offers from some of the top programs in the country over the past two months. Notre Dame is in the mix with the standout athlete from Palmdale High School (Calif.) and the Irish are on his visit list.

Irish fans were hoping Joshua Shaw would make it back to Notre Dame this summer, but unfortunately he will skip South Bend when he heads to the Midwest.

"I'm going to Ohio State, we just booked that trip last night," Shaw responded when asked if he would make an unofficial visit to Notre Dame. "We were going to go to Notre Dame too, but my sister has a wedding coming up, so that is going to take up the rest of my free weekends. We got on the internet and decided to go to whichever city was the cheapest to fly to, and that turned out to be Columbus.

"I have my list of schools that I'm heavily considering: Notre Dame, Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, USC, UCLA, Washington and Tennessee. Notre Dame is still up there. They're recruiting me the hardest, I can say that right now and I've already seen Notre Dame. Coach Brown and I talk every day. I'm very, very high on the Irish."

The eight schools that Shaw listed will all be receiving visits before he makes his college decision.

"I'm going to Notre Dame when they play USC, October 17" Shaw said. "I just scheduled LSU for their game against Florida, October 10. I'm going to Ohio State when they play USC. An Oklahoma visit is in the works. They're waiting to find out when they have a night game, so I can get up there. Tennessee is going to be my other official visit.

"I'll go to USC and UCLA for unofficial visits in the fall because they're so close. I'm also going to take an unofficial visit to Washington their first game against LSU."

At 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, fans have speculated that Josh could move to safety when he enters college.

"If you ask me, I'd say that I'd be playing corner in four or five years down the road," Shaw explained. "Every college coach that I've talked to has told me corner, and hasn't mentioned safety to me. I guess if I grow a couple more inches, then we'll have to see, but for now we've just talked about corner.

"The coaches say, as far as the physical part of football. There won't be a need to red-shirt me, because I have the body to come out and play right away. I don't know how big I'll get when I get into a big-time college weight program, but we'll see."

With his surge of scholarship offers, Shaw's stock has risen around the country, but he's still waiting to receive one special invitation.

"I haven't been invited to either all-star game yet," Shaw said. "I want to be invited to the U.S Army game though. I've always dreamed about playing in that one, but I haven't heard anything from them."

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