Irish To Get A More In-depth Look

Defensive tackle Bruce Gaston from St. Rita High School (Chicago, Ill.) made an appearance last month at the Notre Dame football camp and he'll be back for a more in-depth look at the campus this week.

Last month Bruce Gaston (6-foot-3, 290-pounds) was hoping to land a scholarship offer to Notre Dame. After an impressive camp, he was rewarded. Now the Chicago product would like to get a closer look at what the Notre Dame football program has to offer.

"I'm going up there Friday, just to take a visit," Gaston responded when asked about his plans to visit Notre Dame. "I think they want me to meet some of the players, and sit down with some of the coaches like coach Weis. I'm going to get a better look at the school, the academics, and athletic complexes. Last time I was up there just for the camp and I was trying to earn an offer. Now that I have it, I want to see the school more in-depth.

"I text (Darius Fleming) every now and then. He hasn't really tried to persuade me, he's just been telling me more about the school. He's has been telling me a good amount about the school though. He's been telling me about how great of a school it is.

"Since Notre Dame offered, I've been keeping in touch with certain schools," he said. "I haven't gotten any more offers, but I'm expecting some.

Notre Dame isn't the only school Gaston will be taking a look at during the next several days. He would also like to see what a couple of Big Ten programs look like up close.

"I have Iowa Thursday, Notre Dame Friday, and I believe I go to Purdue sometime next week," Gaston said. "It will be a little different at each school, depending on what they want to show me.

"I don't have any officials set up yet. I'll be trimming my schools by early August. I go to Virginia and then when I come home, I believe that's when I'll be trimming them down.

"I plan on making a commitment after my season, after my last official visit" Gaston added. Top Stories