Kyle Kennedy: 2011 Prospect

Notre Dame has a long way to go before they close out their 2010 recruiting class, but it won't be long before they Notre Dame coaching staff begins to peek at the top prospects for the 2011 class. One of the top in-state players the Irish have already scouted is linebacker Kyle Kennedy of Cathedral High School (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Kyle Kennedy won't be a prospect that is going to fly under the radar. The junior-to-be attended two high profile college football camps this summer, not only to make an impression on the coaching staffs, but also to test his ability against top competition. At the end of both camps, he appears to have accomplished both tasks.

"I went up to South Bend for their camp," Kennedy said of his visit to Notre Dame on June 30th. "I was with our starting quarterback, Kofi Hughes. I originally planned to be at the three-day camp, but before the camp started, I received a letter from Notre Dame, and they invited me to their one-day camp.

"They took our height and weight and sent us out with the day-campers to learn some drills and kind of get warmed up. Coach Tenuta was the linebacker coach, so he was watching all of us. Once we got through the stations, they brought us back to the practice facility. We did some four-on-one drills and I was the only sophomore in the linebacker group. I think I had a solid performance. My goal was to work really hard and make a good impression on the coaches…hopefully I did."

Earlier in the summer Kennedy traveled south to the University of Florida football camp. Like his appearance at Notre Dame, the Gator staff took notice of his talent.

"I went down to the Florida camp, and it was the first camp that I went to, so I was kind of blind going in," Kennedy said. "I wanted to see how I could compare to some of the recruits and compete with them. There are a lot of good players down there, but obviously they have a little more experience under their belt because they're a little older, but I think if I work hard and continue down the path that I'm going, I'll be all right, because now I know what it takes.

"After everyone left, Coach Strong approached me and brought me in for a little extra testing. I was really excited to do that. We basically did the same things as we did before; foot work, running, quickness and agility drills. I think I did pretty well. I was very, very excited."

At 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Kennedy certainly could grow into a lineman by the time he finishes his final two seasons at Cathedral. Kyle enjoys bringing it from his linebacker spot, but he is willing to move up to the line if his size dictates it.

"I'll pay defensive end or linebacker," Kyle explained. "Whatever school I go to, as long as I'm playing or helping out the team it doesn't matter, it just depends on whatever the school needs me to play.

"I'm still a sophomore, but I've received questionnaires from Cincinnati, Iowa, and Wisconsin and hopefully something comes out of that. I want to have an opportunity to play college football, so I hope I get to stay in touch with them.

"(Cathedral) plays a 3-5-3 defense, and I play the inside linebacker on either the strong-side or weak-side" he said. "This year, I'm also going to play a little bit of middle linebacker and maybe I'll work in a little on offense this year.

"We were the state champions last year, and I had a pretty solid year. I started as a sophomore, which was a great opportunity for me. My head coach believed in me and allowed me to get out there. I did pretty well. I was third on the team in tackles. Hopefully this year, I can do a little bit better. As far as last year goes, I was very satisfied with my performance, but at the same time, I'm still looking to get better." Top Stories