Stephenson commits, more on the way?

<P>The weekend in recruiting appears to be a success. Dwight Stephenson is a confirmed commitment to Notre Dame and many speculate that John Sullivan also committed to Notre Dame. Where do the Irish stand with the other prospects they are recruiting? </P>

Dwight Stephenson committed to Notre Dame last night. I spoke very briefly with his Mother. Dwight and the family were headed out the door to celebrate I assume. "He did commit to Notre Dame. He is on his way out right now but he did commit to ND." I will call Dwight to get some quotes later today.

I also spoke to the Mother of John Sullivan. She said he went to a friends house to hang out. They have the day off tomorrow for MLK day. Anyway, I asked how the visit went. "I think it went very, very well but I will let him tell you about that." So did he commit? "I will let him talk to you about that." In my experience, when a Mother says that, something good is about to happen.

I was unable to speak to Ira Guilford and Mark Bradford. Bradford came in late and is probably still at Notre Dame today. I have heard that Guilford really enjoyed his visit and that his parents were quite impressed with Notre Dame and the coach staff. I will be checking with Ira to get a reaction today. I have also heard that Mark Bradford is also very impressed so far. He will be more difficult to reach because the phone number I have was not working the last time I called. I do hear Bradford is really enjoying Notre Dame.

Emmanual Awofadeju visited Stanford this weekend. I was not able to reach him but Stanford should be the main competition. I will be trying to reach him as well today.

Mike Jones visited Tennessee and I was also not able to reach him. Tennessee was a team many assumed was high on Jones' list. His reaction to Tennesse could be important in his decision.

LaBrose Hedgemon II did not visit a school and remains committed to North Carolina. He does plan to visit Notre Dame this weekend. Joe Thomas also didn't take a visit and will visit Kansas next weekend. He has one more visit after the Kansas visit but it's unclear if he will take that visit.

Davd Marrero visited Notre Dame this weekend. It has yet to be confirmed that David visited Stanford last weekend. He did visit Notre Dame this weekend unofficially. I will try to reach him today.

The Irish are still waiting on decisions from Ambrose Wooden and Victor Abiamiri. Wooden should decide this sometime this weekn. Abiamiri's decision might take a little longer.

Early returns show that the Irish had a successful weekend. They haven't lost anyone that is known and they landed at least one commitment. They need to finish strong with the remaining guys and this will be a great recruiting class. Top Stories