Guilford enjoys Notre Dame visit

<P>Safety prospect Ira Guilford visited Notre Dame this weekend and came away very impressed. Ohio State had been leading the race for his signature, has that changed since his visit to Notre Dame? </P>

Ira Guilford had been leaning heavily towards Ohio State but he just visited Notre Dame and that might have changed. "I thought the decision was going to be easier than this but this is a good problem to have. I would say right now it's pretty even."

Ira went with both of his parents to visit Notre Dame and he really enjoyed his visit. "I had a really good time. Coach Willingham, I have nothing but praise for him. He is just a great guy. Notre Dame is very impressive and I had a great visit, it's a real nice place."

His family also came away impressed. "My Mom like Notre Dame the best, my Dad likes both Notre Dame and Ohio State. It's going to be a hard decision."

Ira does see some differences in the schools. "Socially, I feel I fit in better at Ohio State and that will be a factor. There is just more to do there than at Notre Dame. There won't be all the parties at Notre Dame but if you go there, you set yourself up for the rest of your life."

I asked Ira if he felt he fit in well with the players at Notre Dame. "Yeah, I think I fit in well with the players at Notre Dame. I liked hanging out with the guys there."

Ira said he plans to take the Rutgers visit. His Dad graduated from Rutgers so he feels he should give them a look as well. I asked Ira when he would have his decision and how he would decide? "I hope I can make my decision early next week. I guess I am just going to have to on my gut instinct. It won't be an easy decision. Top Stories