Starting Anew

Kapron Lewis-Moore has gained more than weight in preparation for his role on the 2009 Irish defensive line.

Most high school stars, especially those that hope to make their living in the trenches, learn that preparation for the rigors of college football entails more than turning over a new leaf.

It's about self-discipline. The ability to bounce back from a rough practice, or to learn from a teammate with just as much athleticism, but far more high level coaching and game experience under his belt.

And for Irish sophomore Kapron Lewis-Moore it's much more than that. It's about confidence in his ability…oh, and those extra 50 pounds – that's taken some getting used to as well.

"Oh man that's crazy. Pretty much 230," Lewis-Moore said of his high school playing weight. "So I really don't know what's happening with my body. I'm just gaining all of this weight uncontrollably. I want to say my senior year I was around 230-235. I weighed in 278 yesterday. I used a little water weight."

Has the redshirt sophomore defensive from Weatherford, Texas hit his ideal weight? Or is there another number on the horizon if Lewis-Moore dabbles as a three-technique defensive tackle?

"I'm not getting any heavier then 280...I'm just stopping…stopping…stopping."

Is he ready to thrive in a starting role? And is he prepared for the baptism-by-fire that awaits him (and a few of his classmates) in the trenches this fall?

"We have the older guys, they are stepping it up," Lewis-Moore said. "(We're) holding ourselves accountable instead of coach. Somebody messes up or somebody is not going hard – we have our teammates to police us and tell us to go hard."

His spring ball ascension to the starting role hasn't changed Lewis-Moore's approach or preparation:

"I'm just doing what everybody else is – lifting, working hard in the weight room and eating good."

Or perhaps could it be that the new leaf has already changed color and taken shape into a brand new man. Top Stories