Awofadeju enjoys Stanford and names a leader

<P>Emmanuel Awofadeju visited Stanford last weeekend and he came back impressed. Awofadeju is set to visit Notre Dame this weekend and should decide sometime shortly after his visit. </P>

Emmanuel Awofadeju seemed to really enjoy his visit to Stanford. "I liked Stanford a lot. The Weather was nice. I liked almost everything. It was a nice area, there was things to do. They have a real pretty campus and for the most part, I got along with all the players."

Emmanual told me that they have 8 players on the team from the Atlanta and even have a girl from his home town of Roswell. "She was my hostest, she was cool and she was pretty good looking too." I asked Emmanual if he was working it? "Yeah, maybe just a little bit. She was nice and nice to look at."

I asked if it were fair to say that Stanford is his leader? "Yeah, I would say that. I liked it."

Emmanuel will still visit Notre Dame. "Definitely, I am visiting Notre Dame for sure." I asked if he has had a chance to speak with Coach Willingham. "Yeah, I did and he is a really nice guy. It was kind of strange because he was talking kind of slow and thinking about his words and I started talking like that and it was kind of strange. He makes you think when you talk to him and I was almost scared to talk to him."

I asked Emmanuel what he was looking for when he visits Notre Dame. "I just want to see how I fit in with the coaches and the players there and see where they think I can help their team. I want to see how I fit in with the students. They keep telling me there are beaches up there. I kind of like the beach. That was my thing, I was worried that it was always cold up there. I thought it was cold all the time but I know it gets warm up there and they have a summer up there."

I asked what Emmanuel's plan was after his visit. "I think Notre Dame will be my last visit. I don't think I will have any in-home visits after my Notre Dame visit. I have Coach Willingham coming by my school tomorrow so I am interested in talking to him. My Mom will also come up to the school to talk to him. On Monday after my visit, I will probably sit down with my Mom and my coach and verbally commit to a school."

Comments. I think the Stanford coaches did a nice job with him. He seems pretty high on Stanford but Emmanuel hasn't spent a lot of time on the phone with Coach Willingham and has never been to Notre Dame. Weather seems to be a big concern for him and this might really hurt Notre Dame. Top Stories