Irish Depth Chart - Nevada

Irish head coach Charlie Weis revealed his team's two-deep depth chart for the season-opening game vs. Nevada.

Note: Analysis of relevant depth chart movement will appear later this afternoon.

Offensive Depth Chart – First Unit

(X) Wide Receiver: – Junior Golden Tate

(Z) Wide Receiver: – Sophomore Michael Floyd

Halfback: – Junior Armando Allen

Fullback: – Senior James Aldridge

Quarterback: – Junior Jimmy Clausen

Tight End: – Sophomore Kyle Rudolph

Left Tackle: – 5th-year Senior Paul Duncan

Left Guard: – Senior Chris Stewart

Center: – Senior Eric Olsen

Right Guard: – Sophomore Trevor Robinson

Right Tackle: – Senior Sam Young

Offensive Depth Chart – Second Unit

(X)Wide Receiver: – Junior Duval Kamara

(Z)Wide Receiver: – Senior Robby Parris

Halfback: – Sophomore Jonas Gray

Fullback: – Senior Bobby Burger

Quarterback: – Sophomore Dayne Crist

Tight End: – Junior Mike Ragone

Left Tackle: – Junior Matt Romine. Note: Romine is listed in an "OR" situation with starting left tackle Paul Duncan. Duncan will start, Romine will play.

Left Guard: – Senior Dan Wenger. Note: Wenger is listed in an "OR" situation with starting left guard Chris Stewart. Stewart will start, Wenger will play.

Center: – Senior Dan Wenger

Right Guard: – Junior Andrew Nuss

Right Tackle: – Junior Taylor Dever

Defensive Depth Chart – First Unit

Defensive End: – Sophomore Kapron Lewis-Moore

Defensive End: – Junior Kerry Neal

Defensive Tackle: – Sophomore Ethan Johnson

Nose Tackle: – Junior Ian Williams

Weakside Linebacker: – Junior Brian Smith

Middle Linebacker: – Senior Toryan Smith

Strongside Linebacker: – Senior Darius Fleming

Cornerback: – Sophomore Robert Blanton

Cornerback: – Senior Raeshon McNeil

Strong Safety: – 5th Year Senior Kyle McCarthy

Free Safety: – Junior Harrison Smith

Defensive Depth Chart – Second Unit

Defensive End: – Senior Morrice Richardson

Defensive End: – Senior John Ryan

Defensive Tackle: – Sophomore Hafis Williams

Nose Tackle: – Sophomore Sean Cwynar

Weakside Linebacker: – Freshman Manti Te'o

Middle Linebacker: – Junior Brian Smith

Strongside Linebacker: – 5th-year Senior Scott Smith OR Sophomore Steve Filer

Cornerback: – Senior Darrin Walls

Cornerback: – Sophomore Jamoris Slaughter OR Junior Gary Gray

Strong Safety: – Senior Sergio Brown

Free Safety: – 5th-year Senior Ray Herring

Irish Special Teams

Punter: – Senior Eric Maust

Long-Snapper: – Freshman Jordan Cowart

Place-Kicker: – Freshman Nick Tausch

Kick-off Specialist: – Freshman Nick Tausch

Holder: – Senior Eric Maust

Short-Snapper: – Sophomore Braxston Cave

Punt Return: – Junior Golden Tate and Senior Armando Allen

Kick Return: – Senior James Aldridge and Freshman Theo Riddick

Listed as Additional (Probable) Key Contributors

(X) Wide Receiver: – Freshman Shaquelle Evans

(Z)Wide Receiver: – Sophomore John Goodman

Halfback: – Freshman Cierre Wood

Halfback: – Freshman Theo Riddick

Strong Safety: – Freshman Zeke Motta Top Stories