Joe Thomas nears decision

<P>Joe Thomas is getting closer to his decision. He visits Kansas this weekend and that will likely be his last official visit. When can we expect a decision from Thomas? </P>

Joe Thomas had the night off tonight. "I don't have any in-home visits tonight. Tomorrow I have Stanford and Georgia Tech coming in."

Joe is getting down to the final push here. "I am starting to narrow it down. I am going to take the Kansas visit and that will probably be it. I don't think I will take my final visit."

Thomas still hasn't eliminated anyone however. He remains interested in Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Virgina Tech, Stanford and Georgia Tech at this point.

Joe recently met the new Notre Dame throws coach. I asked Joe what he thoughtof him? "He is a good guy. I knew with him coming from Florida State that he would be a good guy. I was impressed with him." I asked Joe if he felt like he could work with him. "Yeah, definitely."

Thomas doesn't think it will come down to just one deciding factor. "I can't think of one really. I will look at everything when I decide. I will look at each school as a whole and come up a decision that fits me best."

Coach Willingham has been a busy man lately but he hasn't visited Thomas yet. "I think that will be on Monday. I am not positive on that but I think it's going to be Monday."

Thomas does seems tired of the process. "I am tired. I had finals and I have had a coach in every day for the last two weeks. I have been very busy and I am ready to have it over."

Thomas is tired of the process but also indicated that he had no idea when he would announce his final decision.

Comments. I like the fact that Coach Willingham is in his house on Monday following the last visit. Stanford and Georgia Tech might convince him to take another visit but you can tell Joe is ready to have this end soon. He is still taking the calls but you can tell he is tiring of the process. I like Notre Dame's chances here. Top Stories