Nix Has The Irish In The Mix

Louis Nix is's No. 12 rated defensive tackle and he's one of Notre Dame's top defensive line targets.The product of William M. Raines High School (Jacksonville, Fla.) is still committed to Miami, but he'd like to take another look at the Irish.

Notre Dame is still looking for a defensive tackle in this recruiting class, Louis Nix would make a great addition. The standout defensive tackle is planning to visit Notre Dame this month, but it won't be his first time on campus.

"I was up there for a camp this summer," Nix replied when asked about Notre Dame. "When I first got to there I was kind of shy, but when camp started and we started going through drills, I started talking to guys and I started opening up. I had a lot of fun. I expected it to be boring, but it wasn't. There were guys from different places, and I had a great time when I was up there.

"I liked coach Hart. He's a real enthusiastic guy, like the ‘Energizer Bunny'. He likes to talk and he likes to move around and I feel like he's a great coach. Coach Bryant Young was a real nice coach and I enjoyed spending time with him. They're guys I could play for. I met a couple players and they were all nice guys."

Despite his commitment to Miami, Nix would like to check out Notre Dame one more time before he confirms his decision.

"I'm going up to visit (Notre Dame) for the Michigan State game," Nix said. "I want to get a better feel for Notre Dame. I'm coming up with my auntie to see how she likes it and how my family likes it and take it from there. I haven't planned any other official visits, but I may take some.

"Miami is still on top. Everything about Notre Dame is great and everything about Miami is great, it's just down to me making the choice right now. I'm wowed by both Miami and Notre Dame. It's just coming down to me making a choice…that's all."

Notre Dame doesn't have a lot of depth along the defensive front, and while Nix has taken notice of the Irish depth chart, that won't be the determining factor in his decision.

"I've seen that (depth chart)," Louis explained. "I do want to start early. If I can start as a true freshman or get a lot of reps in that would be great, but it's all about how I feel inside. Both schools have impressed me, it's just how I feel. Making a decision about which school you want to go to is a really hard decision to make." Top Stories