Junior Tight End Hearing From The Best

Junior Austin Seferian-Jenkins from Gig Harbor High School (Wash.) will be one of the most highly recruited 2011 prospects on the West Coast, and he already has a number of scholarship offers from big-time football programs.

The tight end position has always been a big part of Charlie Weis' offense and junior Austin Seferian-Jenkins (6-foot-7, 245-pounds) recently heard from the Notre Dame coaching staff.

"I spoke with Coach Ianello and Coach Hart," Seferian-Jenkins responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "They watched my film and they really liked it. Coach Weis watched my film and he really liked it. Then they said I'd be receiving mail and I got the official offer letter. I've been getting a lot of information lately about them, getting packets, media guides and other stuff, so it's exciting.

"I honestly don't know anything about Notre Dame to be truthful with you. I do know that the coaching staff is good there. I know that Coach Weis coached for the New England Patriots. I know that they have Jimmy Clausen, a great quarterback and some great receivers there. I know they have a guy on the Seahawks, John Carlson that went to Notre Dame."

Seferian-Jenkins is a big-time player and he has the scholarship offers to back it up. Austin has offers from all of the schools in the PAC-10 except for USC; Oklahoma, Florida, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Boise State.

"(Coaches) like how I catch the ball and move in space," Seferian-Jenkins explained. "They like how big of a guy I am and the way I can block. They just like how I block. They really like my presence. I'm a big guy, but at the same time I move pretty fast. I'm a low 4.7 -forty, so I'm moving pretty fast for my size and I'm going to get faster and faster as I develop in high school and into college.

"The schools that haven't offered me that I'm really interested in are Miami, and Florida. They're definitely on my list. I actually want to send them my film to see if they offer me in the next three weeks.

"USC is a big time school," Seferian-Jenkins said. "It's on the West Coast and it's the epitome of college football right now. USC is a definite school I'd like to get an offer from. Colorado and Kansas are schools I'm definitely looking at too.

"I really don't even have a top group of schools to be honest with you. I really don't care where it is in the country and I really don't have a top three. I'm really interested in Oklahoma and Florida. I have a great relationship with the tight ends coach at Florida. At Notre Dame, I have a great relationship with Coach Hart and that in itself is a great thing to have so I'm excited about that."

Austin has several solid relationships built with college coaches, but he'll continue to do his homework in order to find which schools best fit his criteria. He's already visited several schools, and he has additional visits in the works.

"I visited Washington, Stanford, Oregon, Texas, UCLA, and USC," Austin commented. "I'll be visiting Oklahoma in November and then I'm visiting Arizona State in December. This spring I'll be going down to Miami, Florida and perhaps Florida State if they start recruiting me. Then I'll be visiting Notre Dame probably in the beginning of June."

When it comes to evaluating various schools, Seferian-Jenkins wants a school with solid academics, but he's also interested in how each program utilizes the tight end.

"I want to go to the NFL," Seferian-Jenkins said. "But at the same time, if my knee or something acts up, I want to be able to fall back on a good education and be able to support myself and my future family with a great degree from whatever school I choose to go to.

"I'll watch their offensives and how they use their tight end. We run the spread at my high school, so a spread offense would be cool to run. At the same time, I've got to be ready for the pro-style offense, because I want to get in the pros one day."

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