Lueders Still Behind The Irish

Notre Dame commitment Blake Lueders is just getting back into the swing of things after suffering an injury just prior to the start of his season. The future defensive end from Zionsville Community High School (Ind.) will be in South Bend this weekend to check out his future teammates.

Blake Lueders (6-foot-5, 250-pounds) isn't concerned about the future of the Notre Dame football program. Despite the loss to Michigan last weekend, Blake believes the Irish will respond.

"Coach Weis called me Tuesday and I talked to him for a while," Lueders siad. "I usually talk to Coach Hart, but this week Coach Weis called. He just asked me how my season was going and asked how my family was doing and stuff like that. Then we talked about the ND/Michigan game. He said after a tough loss like that he doesn't like to really get on his players and be negative because he already knows that everyone's kind of upset and feeling down so he tries to stay positive to bring guys back up. He tries to keep the teams morale high.

"I think they looked good, obviously that first game they looked great. Against Michigan, I watched the first half, and then I watched the last minute of it. I think if they were in South Bend they would have won the game, but it was a close game. It was a tough battle. I think it was a good game. They'll come out on top in the next couple years, I think."

Lueders hopes to make an impact in those future contests, but for now he'll have to settle for visiting campus and cheering on his future teammates.

"I'm actually going to the Michigan State game this weekend," Lueders explained. "I'm scheduled to go to the Washington game, USC game, and Boston College game. I don't know if I'll end up being able to make it to all of those, but as of right now, that's what I'm planning. I'm planning on taking my official for the USC game, but that's not set in stone.

A little bit of both. Sometimes I watch the defensive ends to see what they'll do and sometimes I just try to watch the game. Obviously, Notre Dame's offensive coaches watch the game. But I mean, a little bit of both.

Blake had a slow start to his senior season due to a hernia, but he's now fully recovered and making the going tough for opponents.

"We started 3-0," Blake said. "Right now we're 3-1. I missed all the first game and the second game I only played about a quarter. The past two games I've played the whole game on defense. I've done alright, but I'm not really happy with where I'm at. I'm still kind of rusty because I missed a bunch of two a days and a bunch of conditioning. I think I'm just starting to get back in to my routine and swing. Hopefully I've got most of the rust off now and everything's cooking a little bit faster for me. So I should be getting back to my normal self.

"We play Westfield this week. I think there 2-2. We played them twice last year and beat them both times. The year before that we also played them twice and lost to them twice. We play them every year in conference and in the past two years we've played them in the playoffs. It'll be a good game." Top Stories