Gaston Still Pondering Official Visits

Bruce Gaston is still trying to figure out his official visit slate, but one thing the defensive tackle from St. Rita High School (Chicago, Ill.) knows is that Notre Dame will be one of his stops.

Irish fans shouldn't be concerned if Bruce Gaston (6-foot-3, 290-pounds) doesn't schedule an official visit to Notre Dame immediately. The standout from Chicago knows the Irish will get a visit, he's just isn't sure about when it will happen.

"I just got off the phone with Coach Ianello," Gaston said. "I was planning on setting up an official visit, but my schedule is just so packed with these games. It seems like the weeks they're home, are the weeks I have Saturday games, so he's talking about doing an official visit later on.

"I'm coming up for their next home game... Not this weekend, but for the next home game (Washington), because they still have tickets. More than likely, I'll be coming then. I'm going to talk to my dad about that when he gets home, but more than likely I'll be coming then."

"Notre Dame is still one of my top four," he said. "I've developed a pretty good relationship with the coaches and just about all the coaches there are nice. They are definitely one of my top schools."

Wisconsin, Michigan State, Purdue, Iowa, and Arizona are the other programs that Bruce is considering. Despite Notre Dame's loss last weekend to Michigan, Gaston isn't going to allow a team's struggles on the field sway his decision.

"I caught it in the second quarter," Bruce said of Notre Dame's loss to Michigan a week ago. "I liked the game. It was unfortunate that they did lose. I thought Darius (Fleming) played well. I thought the Jimmy Clausen played well. They have pretty good receivers and a good running back. They have a pretty solid team actually. I like the way the defense is run, especially the defensive line. From that point they looked pretty good. They looked pretty solid to me, but Notre Dame sort of gave them the game. They lost by four points. But overall, Notre Dame is looking pretty good.

"I'm not going to let a team's record make my decision, because each team wants to win. When you play, one team's going to win and one is going to lose. Anything could happen in a game. Likewise, a team winning will have no effect on me, except I'm going to be happy for them and congratulate the coaches.

"Some players are going to be gone when I get there," Gaston said. "It's not going to be the exact same team. So it's not like just because they won this or won that. It's a game and anything can happen in a game. When I'm watching teams that are recruiting me, I just watch the game. I'm not going to let who wins really affect my decision." Top Stories