Moore Likes What He Sees From ND

Notre Dame commitment Kendall Moore is upbeat about Notre Dame's defense after the Irish lost a heartbreaker last weekend to Michigan. The linebacker from Southeast Raleigh High School (N.C.) believes he'll fit into the Irish defensive scheme.

Kendall Moore (6-foot-2.5, 229-pounds) has been trying to keep up with Notre Dame and his future teammates. Despite the Irish dropping their first game last weekend after giving up a late touchdown, Kendall isn't concerned about the Notre Dame defense.

"I watched the Nevada game from beginning to end," Moore said. "Michigan, I caught the end and most of the middle part, but my little brother had a game so I had to go to that. I'm pretty happy with what I saw. After what I saw defensively, I really feel like I could fit in to the scheme. I've also talked to Coach Tenuta and Coach Brown and after that I could really see myself in the scheme that they're trying to put in. For the first two weeks, I really liked it."

Moore is excited the Irish defense. When the offense is on the field he's a fan, but when the defense hits the field, he becomes a student.

"I've recorded both games so far, but I haven't sat back and watched the Michigan game again," Kendall explained. "I've watched Nevada twice and it was a good game. Defensively, they did some really good things.

"When the offensive is on the field I like to sit back and watch things and see the little stuff, like the fan support and the opponents playing against them. When they're on defense, I'm more like a scout. I'm trying to see the exact scheme and who's blitzing and that type of thing."

Although Moore is committed to the Irish, that hasn't prevented other schools from reaching out to him.

"Ever since I've committed they've still been calling and asking about to visit and all that type of stuff," Moore explained. "They're trying to get me on campus, but as me and Coach Weis have talked about, that as a commitment, I still shouldn't be shopping around for a school. So, I just tell them that I'm not really interested in taking any visits right now.

"I actually was going to take a visit (to Notre Dame) this weekend, but it's homecoming for my high school this week. It's kind of early this year, so I'm not going to be able to make it. I did see a little bit of Michigan State last week and they lost to Central Michigan. I think that we should have a good game against them.

"My plan is to take a visit up there on October 17th for the USC game," he said. "That will be my official visit so it should be real nice."

Not only is Moore hearing from other college coaches, but he's also hearing from opponents. Being a high profile recruit has made Moore a target, but he just goes about his business.

"Yea, I hear things from the other teams," Moore said. "Everybody always has something to say, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm more of an action type of person. So if they have something to say on the field, I just kind of let my game speak for itself. That's been working out good for me throughout the season, so I'm just going to keep on going with that.

"We're 4-0. I've definitely been playing on the highest level. My coaches have been moving me around since the first week. I played defensive end last week and I had a real, real good game. I'm looking forward to seeing how the season plays out because right now I'm looking real good." Top Stories