Crunch time

<P>Some of the top prospects left on the board should be announcing soon. Here is a quick update on when these top players will be announcing. </P>

I just spoke to Joe Thomas' Mom this morning. She told me that she is pretty sure that Joe has made his decision and just needs to inform the coaches. She said he might be willing to say something later this evening. In a conversation with Joe's Dad on Monday, he told me that Joe would likely choose between Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Willingham had the last word on Monday night. We should know something very soon on Joe. I think he will choose Notre Dame.

Ira Guilford is also announcing tonight at 5:30 PM on a local TV broadcast. Willingham had his in-home visit last night. I was told by Ira around 4 assistant coaches from Ohio State were visiting last night as well. I honestly have no clue how this will play out. I wouldn't be surprised if he picked either school.

Mike Jones told me that he should know his decision by Thursday or Friday and will announce shortly after that. I am feeling better about Jones but I don't have any indication which way he is leaning. I do think the Irish have a chance here.

LaBrose Hedgemon has an in-home visit with Willingham tonight. Can he get his commitment? I believe he will and LaBrose will commit to Willingham tonight.

Victor Abiamiri and Ambrose Wooden should be deciding soon. The scuttlebutt says it will be on Thursday or Friday. I honestly have no clue which way this one will go. I hope to have more new on that later tonight. As of right now, I would not be surprised by any way this went for both.

Chase Anastasio should be announcing sometime on Thursday or Friday. Coach Diedrick has the last and final word tonight. I believe this will be a very close race but I think the Irish will win this race in the end.

Mitchell Thomas could decide at any time. Mitchell told me he was going to have coaches from Notre Dame, Alabama, Auburn and Georgia in this week for in-home visits. I know the least about Mitchell because Mitchell doesn't give any indication as to which way he is leaning. If I had to guess, I would say he stays south but I have no idea which school he will choose.

I am sure Coach Willingham will try to visit Kenny Scott but I don't think Notre Dame has much of a chance for him at this point.

Coach Miles was supposed to visit Emmanuel Awofadeju yesterday. I am not sure if that actually happened. Awofadeju told me he would likely commit to Stanford soon. I don't think Notre Dame has much of a chance for him.

It appears the Irish have made a late push for Tashard Choice. Choice is supposed to visit Oklahoma this week and Alabama this weekend. If they can't change his mind to visit Notre Dame, I am not sure they will have much of a chance. Tashard would have one official visit left to take so he could take this past signing day to get a chance to see Notre Dame. Tashard is going to be hard to reach because he will be visiting Oklahoma and Alabama the next few days. I will see what I can find out about him.

The next few days should be a fun ride. We have to hope that Coach Willingham and these assistants made a strong push and will land many of these top prospects left on the board. Top Stories