Weis press conference highlights

Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis talks about the health of several of his players, the development of several freshman, as his star wide receiver Golden Tate

On Tuesday, Notre Dame head coach met with the media to provide on update on his team. These are the highlights from his press conference.

  • Brandon Walker has a strain in his back and as he is now, he wouldn't be able to kick well enough to be on the field at this time.

  • He needs to have a procedure done to resolve the issue. They will likely wait until fall break in order to complete that procedure.

  • James Aldridge practiced full-go today for the first time and it didn't appear the he has any side effects from his injury.

  • Jimmy Clausen was granted the week off from practice by coach Weis, but Clausen told his coach that he wanted to practice, because he doesn't want to wait until Monday to get back at it.

  • Since most of the starters were held out of contact on Tuesday, a lot of younger players got the chance to get reps during the second half of practice. Coach Weis wanted to withhold his comments until he had a chance to view the practice film. They stressed fundamentals as well as being physical, so there was a lot of "banging" going on during practice.

  • Fewer freshman are being "forced" into playing, compare to the past. The coaches discussed the freshmen that have not played thus far, and unless something unforeseen happens those players will likely been withheld from games.

  • According to coach Weis, Manti Te'o had the best practice he's had for some time. Weis believes as time goes by that Te'o will make fewer mistakes and more tackles. Weis feels that Te'o is starting to become more comfortable on the field and now it's just a matter of seeing things happen on the football field at full speed.

  • Zeke Motta played his most significant minutes of the year last weekend. He came in at safety, and dropped down near the line. Coach Weis feels the defensive staff will continue to use him as a "drop-down" safety. According to Weis Motta is most comfortable and natural the closer he plays to the line of scrimmage.

  • Theo Riddick has done a really nice job on kick returns for Notre Dame. Coach Weis "Secondly, I think he's is going to be a very, very good running back here… I really do. Coach Alford said he has a chance to be really special. He's just behind some good guys."

  • Shaquelle Evans – the more he plays, the better he'll get. He has a world of athleticism. In comparing him to Golden Tate…He and Tate are very close in terms of speed. Golden has always had extraordinary balls skills. If the balls in the air Golden is coming down with it. Evans is a much more polished receiver in terms of route running and the nuances of the position.

  • Golden Tate carries the ball in his left hand while running and does not switch to the right hand when appropriate. This is something Weis has just accepted. Tate feels much more comfortable with the ball in that hand, and Tate feels he can keep the ball more secure in that hand. Weis will trade ball security over a stiff arm any day of the week.

  • The best thing about Jordan Cowart is that you don't notice him. When you don't notice the long snapper, that's a good thing. When you noticed them, there's a problem.

  • Nicholas Tausch will work on getting his kick-offs a little deeper. How can anyone complain about the field goal kicking from Tausch.

  • Ben Turk - Now that he has his first kicks out of the way, that he'll perform much better, because he has a very, very live leg.

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