Shaw heading to ND

Joshua Shaw hasn't been to Notre Dame in over a year, but he understands what it's like to be at Notre Dame Stadium during the fall. The cornerback from Palmdale High School (Calif.) is excited to return to South Bend to watch the Irish take on the USC Trojans this weekend.

Joshua Shaw (6-foot-1, 180-pounds) was in Notre Dame stadium for the Irish's 2008 opener, but he wasn't there to watch the home team. Shaw's brother played for San Diego State, but he left impressed with the atmosphere surrounding a Notre Dame home football game. Josh will be back this weekend, but this time he'll be a guest of the Irish.

"I'm going to Notre Dame, I'm going to fly out Friday night right after our game," Shaw said. "I already know about the atmosphere. This time it will be a lot different, because last time I didn't go as a recruit, last time I went as my brother's guest. This time I'll be able to see everything because I'll actually be a recruit.

"I'll be in the meetings with the coaches before the game. I really don't know what to expect from academics, but I know they're top-notch when it comes to that though. I have a good relationship with coach Brown already, so I want to see if I get along with the players and I want to see if I can see myself living there for the next four years.

"I've been paying attention to Notre Dame this season," he explained. "They're a pretty good team, as I knew they would be. They were pretty young the last two years, so they're just starting to gel as a team. They should be 5-0. The loss to Michigan was a bummer to me. Notre Dame is going to give USC all they can handle this weekend."

This will be Shaw's fourth official visit. He has already taken visits to Ohio State, Florida and most recently to LSU.

"I went to LSU this past weekend," he said. "I was really nice. They have some crazy fans in Baton Rouge."

After taking his official visit to Florida a couple weeks ago, Shaw named the Gators as his leader. He's still impressed with Urban Meyer's program, but he doesn't want to name a leader at this time.

"I don't want to name a leader right now, because I still have some visits that I want to take," josh explained. "I want to give everyone a fair shot. I'm going to USC next week when they play Oregon State. After that visit I'll name my final schools. It may not even be five. It could just be two or three." Top Stories