Can't wait to get back

Cornerback Spencer Boyd of Cape Coral High School (Fla.) was on hand to watch Notre Dame lose a close game to USC this weekend. Despite the loss, the Irish commitment is even more anxious to get to Notre Dame than he had been in the past.

Notre Dame didn't necessarily have to impress Spencer Boyd (5-foot-10, 175-pounds) on his visit, but that happened anyway. Boyd took his official visit to Notre Dame last weekend and he can't wait to get back to campus.

"Everything went good, I enjoyed it a lot," Boyd said. "It was good to be around all the recruits that I hadn't met yet, so that was a great experience. We watched the ‘Irish Walk' and after the team went, we got behind them… it's was crazy. All the fans knew our names. It was cool.

"It was great seeing them come back when they were down three touchdowns. Like everybody else said, we belong on the same field with the best teams in the nation. I'm happy about that. I was disappointed that we lost, but we're building."

"I don't see fans getting better than that," Boyd said. "They're all crazy about football. After the game they were getting our autographs and stuff. I didn't do any push-ups, but I was helping through people up.

"I love it up there. I was disappointed that I had to leave. I can't wait to go back in two months. I enjoyed the whole visit. It solidified my whole decision."

Boyd will return for good in January, as he will enroll in Notre Dame next semester. Before he left campus, the Notre Dame coaches told him to be ready to play.

"Coach Brown and coach Weis had the same message," Boyd explained. "Coach Weis asked me if I was going to be ready to come in and play. I'm coming in January, so I only have a couple months before I get there. They said that I had a chance to come in and compete. Coach Brown had the same message. They talked about finishing up strong in school, and getting me application done." Top Stories