Bernard: "It went great."

Running back Giovanni Bernard was one of four recruits from St. Thomas Aquinas High School (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) that took his official visit to Notre Dame last weekend for the USC game. Although the Irish failed to win a close game, Bernard was impressed with the Notre Dame football program.

Notre Dame would like to add another running back to this recruiting class and Gio Bernard (5-foot-9, 195-pounds) is one of their top targets. Bernard took his official visit to South Bend this weekend and he liked what he found out about Notre Dame.

"It went great," Bernard responded when asked about his visit. "I liked pretty much everything about it. It was a good feeling. There wasn't much not to like about it, but I'm still going to take my time in choosing my school. Hopefully people will like my decision, but I liked it a lot.

"There wasn't anything that really stood out to me that we really did, it really was the combination of everything. I was kind of shocked when I first got there. I thought everything was going to be really old-fashioned, Marine-style, or dress codes all over the place. It really was a lot like other college towns, and that was something that I really liked about it.

"I really hadn't heard anything bad about the school except that it was old-fashioned and the town was boring," he said. "But I totally got just the opposite feeling. I really liked everything about it. I definitely could see myself going there. I'm not saying that I'm going to go there for sure, but it's certainly a possibility."

Before leaving campus Bernard had a chance to sit down with the Notre Dame coaches.

"I had a real good conversation with coach Alford and I had a really good conversation with coach Weis," Bernard explained. "They just talked about how they run their offense and what they expect out of their players and what the players can expect out of them.

"Jonas Gray was my host. We hung out with Armando Allen, and a couple other guys. All the players were real welcoming."

Bernard has now taken official visits to Oregon State, Tennessee, and Notre Dame. He has plans to check out Miami and possibly Nebraska. Top Stories