More energy than before

Cody Riggs made another visit to Notre Dame last weekend, but this time it was for his official visit. The cornerback from St. Thomas Aquinas High School (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) didn't find out anything new about the school, but he did enjoy his visit.

Cody Riggs (5-9.5, 165-pounds) made a trip to South Bend during the spring and he liked what he saw then. This time around he was in town for his official visit.

"I felt like there was a lot more energy about the football team than last year," Riggs said. "I came for the spring game, but they weren't as fired up about the season. I thought coach Weis was a lot more energetic this time, and there was a lot more energy around campus and everyone was really excited about the season. They really should have one that game, but there is definitely a good feeling around campus.

"I'd say that the visit definitely helped Notre Dame out. I definitely got a better feel for the place. I definitely know the coaching staff's jobs aren't in jeopardy any more. I didn't get to talk to the coaches as much as I wanted to, but that visit definitely helped me get a feel for where I'd fit in at Notre Dame. I got to see how the coaches were on gameday, and see them interact on a gameday. I got to see how the players are after a loss like that. I got to see how they interacted, the general environment and the fan base.

Although Notre Dame ended up dropping a close game, Riggs not only was impressed with the way Notre Dame fought back from a 20-point deficit, but he also appreciated the support the team received from the Irish fans.

"I definitely like the fact that when most teams go down by 20 points that they throw in the towel, but the coaches still believed in their players and the players still believed in the coaches, and they fought back to come back in that game.

"When Notre Dame was on defense, I watched the defensive backs, but when Notre Dame was on offense I kind of just watched the game. I definitely watched the defensive backs and I kind of felt that there were mistakes tackling, but I felt they played well for the most part.

"I was very impressed with the fans," he explained. "At a lot of the stadiums that I've been to, once the fans realize that their team might lose, they leave right away, but those fans stayed even though Notre Dame lost. They didn't just stay to the end of the game, they stayed 15 minutes after the end. I've never seen anything like that. The stadium was full for the song after the game. I've never seen anything like that."

Riggs visited Tennessee and Georgia prior to his Notre Dame visit, and now has one remaining at the end of November.

"I have a visit to the University of Florida November 28 when they play Florida State and that's it," Riggs said. "Notre Dame is up there. It's between Notre Dame, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. I'm not sure where I want to go, but I'll sit down with my parents and talk about it. Top Stories